Tuesday 5 February 2008

Happy 36th birthday to Crown Princess Mary!

Today is Crown Princess Mary's birthday, so, it is a flag flying day, but no hoopla, as it will be celebrated privately with family and friends.

B.T.'s gallery marking Mary's 36th birthday
Billed Bladet and a photo gallery of birthday number 35



Blogger Unknown said...

Marys birthday is not an official flag day

9:11 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi Søren,

Do you know something I don't?

My understanding is it has been an official flag flying day since 14 May 2004.

My sources:
The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Official Denmark's website Denmark.dk - When to fly the national flag (http://www.denmark.dk/en/menu/AboutDenmark/DenmarkInBrief/NationalFlag/WhenToFlyTheNationalFlag/)
"In 1886, the Ministry of War introduced the rule that flags should be flown from military establishments on the birthdays of 13 specified members of the royal family, on the anniversary of the signing of the Constitutional Act of the 5th June 1849 and on 7 anniversaries of military battles..." There were other days nominated in later years.

The current list:
Royal Family Birthdays

5 February Crown Princess Mary
16 April Queen Margrethe 2.
29 April Princess Benedikte
26 May Crown Prince Frederik
7 June Prince Joachim
11 June Prince Henrik

Alexandra used to be on the list so we can assume that once married, Marie Cavallier will enjoy her first flag flying day next year on February 7. Since Frederik and Joachim got flag flying days when they turned 18, we can assume the same will apply to Christian and Isabella. I wonder if it will apply to Joachim's children? Presumably yes, so there will be lots of flag flying days for the next generation! The flag poles will be busy indeed.

Johnny E. Balsved's great Danish Naval History site always has an up-to-date list of flag flying days (http://navalhistory.dk/English/TheFlag/Flag%20Flying%20Days.htm)
National Flag Flying Days

January 1 - New Year's Day

February 5 - HRH Crown Princess Mary (Born 1972)

April 9 - Occupation of Denmark 1940 (half mast until noon)

April 16 - HM Queen Margrethe II (born 1940)

April 29 - Princess Benedicte (The Queen's sister) (Born 1944)

May 5 - The Liberation of Denmark 1945

May 26 - Crown Prince Frederik (Born 1968)

June 5 - Constitution Day (and the battle of Dybboel 1848)

June 7 - Prince Joachim (The Queen's youngest son) (Born 1969)

June 11 - Prince Henrik (Married to the Queen) (Born 1934)

June 15 - Valdemars's Day (DANNEBROG's birthday) and the
reunion with North Schleswig 1920

December 25 - Christmas Day

Balsved then lists 4 religious days and numerous military flag flying days.

There are other sites on the web with out of date info, but none as 1) official or 2) reliable as the two I have mentioned.

Maybe there just hasn't been a big fuss made of Mary's birthday yet re the flag (which is probably the way she prefers it), but Danes have told me the flag does fly in various places. You haven't seen any flutters today?

lotte :D

1:52 am  

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