Saturday 29 December 2007

Joachim & Marie to have giant wedding concert

Billed Bladet reports there will be a big public concert to celebrate the wedding of Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier in the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen the day before their wedding in Møgeltønder in southern Denmark. The Crown Prince Couple experienced the Rock 'n Royal concert for Save the Children in Parken before their wedding in 2004, and now Prince Joachim and his Marie Cavallier will also have a concert in honour of their wedding as a gift.

The music company World of Sound is behind the national gift, which will feature both modern and classical music.

"We are already having a good dialogue with the royal house and are planning and making arrangements for the concert, which will be free for everyone. TV 2 would like to broadcast the concert and now we are looking for sponsors and of course artists who will entertain kids and adults, and the couple too.

Among the bands we have lined up are Gnags (a band from Århus) and maybe also Crown Prince Frederik's favourite band Led Zeppelin-Jam.

We'll not only celebrate Joachim's and Marie's wedding on May 24th, but also Crown Prince Frederik's 40th birthday on May 26th," the organizer Max Bonnen from World Of Sound said.

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