Monday 22 October 2007

Frederik @ Red Cross refugee centre for kids

Today Crown Prince Frederik has visited the Red Cross children's refugee centre at Gribskov in Græsted, North Zealand. Frederik is a patron of the Danish Red Cross and the visit was to the Red Cross' Gribskov Centre which is a reception centre for young unaccompanied children who are seeking asylum in Denmark. Since such children are especially vulnerable, the centre is a refuge for children until they get a residential permit or leave Denmark. There are around 25 kids at the centre which has 24 hour security. For the first six weeks after arriving in Denmark, the children are able to get medical care if they need it, they are introduced to normal practices of everyday life in Denmark, get to know the local area and have a Danish language teacher who understands their special situation. After six weeks the kids move to another children's house where they live until their asylum case is decided.

The children go to the Danish Red Cross school at Lynge or to local primary schools. At the Gribskov centre there are different activities for kids in workshops, a gym and other activity spaces, as well as the possibility to join in activities in the local area. For all the children they learn how to make agreements with authority, they are able to talk about their feelings and they are given support to establish themselves in everyday life. Each child is appointed a public defender, who advocates on their behalf throughout the asylum process.

The Red Cross Asylum Department
Red Cross and unaccompanied minors

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