Saturday 13 October 2007

Frederik @ Mariko Mori ARoS exhibition

Crown Prince Frederik with the artist Mariko Mori and the Århus mayor Nicolai Wammen. Photo Jesper Nørgaard Sørensen/Jyllands Posten

Crown Prince Frederik visited ARoS as the patron of a new exhibit this evening at the Art Museum in Århus. It was for the launch of the exhibition "Oneness" by Japanese artist Mariko Mori for 1400 people at the museum. Mariko Mori combines Japanese culture, IT technology and creativity into her unique form of art. In this exhibit, one of her biggest so far, it is devised as a momentous journey through Past, Present and Future. The Japanese Ambassador to Denmark, Masaki Okada, was also present at the opening. Frederik "flew" in Mori's artwork »Wave UFO«. After being fitted with a device to the forehead, Frederik entered a futuristic pod where images reflecting brainwave activity were projected onto the ceiling of the "UFO". The idea is to induce a meditative state from the unique images of the brainwaves. Frederik said it was a really good experience and nearly got to a meditative state (maybe he knew he had to get out of the "UFO" to speak to the reporters?). The mayor of Århus, Nicolai Wammen, welcomed the exhibit, saying it was the first time a UFO had landed in the country. The artist's work emphasises encounters and alliances and especially new relationships, which is quite a fitting set of ideas to think about in a globalised world!

ARoS - "Oneness" until January 29, 2008
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Mariko Mori - wikipedia

Jyllands Posten 'Kronprinsen til performance'
Århus Stiftstidende 'Kronprinsen fløj i ufo'
Jyllands Posten 'Kronprinsen til performance i Århus'

TV2 webTV (0:40) - Frederik enters and emerges from the UFO!



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