Saturday 29 September 2007

Frederik inaugurates new Metro rail link

Crown Prince Frederik has attended the inauguration of a new Metro 3 rail link. The Metro in Copenhagen is a new-technology driverless rapid transport system and this extension to the airport will increase the number of stations from 17 to 22. The Metro serves Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and opened in 2002. This system has been developed in response to the cross border Øresund region development and is separate to the long established traditional rail network in Denmark. Ørestad is a new city development on the island of Amager and the Metro connects it to existing metropolitan Copenhagen with plans for further development of a city circle. Each train has three carriages and can carry 300 passengers, running every few minutes at 80km per hour.

JP video (0:35)
Kronprinsen åbner metro i lufthavn TV2 article in Danish (Crown Prince inaugurates metro-line to Copenhagen Airport)
TV2 photo gallery image gallery

Copenhagen Metro Expands (press release) - "In October the third stage of the Copenhagen Metro system will open, connecting Copenhagen Airport with the eastern and northern part of downtown Copenhagen in only 14 minutes...
Driverless Rapid Transport, Copenhagen
See Copenhagen Metro on Wikipedia for more info
Queen Margrethe opened the first section in May 2003 (see B.T.)



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