Sunday 23 September 2007

Christian in box seat for kindy

Photos: Kasper Wenstrup/Her&Nu with thanks!
Her & Nu (På Cykeltur med Christian, no. 37, 2007) has a report by Sarah Køhnke that Crown Prince Frederik took nearly two-year-old Prince Christian to day nursery recently in a style of bike popular in Denmark called a "Christianiabike" on September 5. While Dad did the pedalling along the cycling lanes, Christian had a cool time riding in the box in front of the bike in his helmet, strapped into his seat, with his little anti-bullying backpack at his feet. Ziggy the family dog (she is a girl!) ran alongside, obviously pleased to stretch her legs. (thanks Muhler!)

A note: During the live coverage of Isabella's christening, the TV commentators said that Crown Princess Mary has been seen by locals cycling Christian to nursery school. Apparently this bike is quite lightweight and easy to ride.

The bike: Nihola Bikes

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Blogger PaleHeadedRosella said...

So I've answered my partner's flippant question "Do you think Princess Mary rides a Christiania?"

Well, close, she rides a Nihola.

Christiania is a brand name by the way, but does seem to be used as a general term for this type of cargo trike/family trike.

7:00 am  

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