Tuesday 14 August 2007

Mary, Alexandra & Marie @ fashion week

Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) was last week (from last Wednesday to Sunday) where Danish and Scandinavian designers presented their Spring/Summer 2008 collections for more than 50,000 fashion professionals and Danish and international media.

This season CFW presented three large fashion fairs, CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), CPH Vision and the newly established fair, Gallery, for fashion professionals, all promoting an industry which is one of the top three earners in the Danish economy.

The week was launched at the CIFF Trend show 2008 on Wednesday. The same day IN magazine announced the winner of the Nordic design award which went to the Icelandic designer STEiNUNN Sigurdardottir.

There was also the ready-to-wear collection of Elise Gug and the Whiite show which were attended by Countess Alexandra (see Countess Alexandra checks out designs for Spring 2008 in Hello).

Susanne Rützou presented her 15th CIFF show where many design colleagues and competitors were spotted among the guests including Peter Ingwersen (Noir), Michael Kristensen (COS), Malene Birger (By Malene Birger) and Henriette Zobel (Pureheart). Then there was the show attended by Crown Princess Mary, the Baum und Pferdgarten presentation of ’Poetic Globetrotters at high speed’, by the two designers of the label Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave. Mary was wearing a dress from their collection. (See Berlingske Tidende 'Baum und Pferdgarten: Sofistikeret succes' B&P: sophisticated success)

Marie Cavallier attended the Malene Birger show. (See SE og HØR, Marie was at the By Malene Birger show in Hellerup)

Designers' Nest (Mary is the patron)
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See Fashion finds its stride in The Copenhagen Post

Also, as a point of interest about Denmark as a whole see There is nothing like a Dane for an economy-savvy lead by Adele Horin in The Sydney Morning Herald

Berlingske Tidende photo gallery various
Berlingske Tidende photo gallery the Day Birger et Mikkelsen show (extra click through the 3 or 4 ads)
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:34) Anne-Sophie Back
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:52) Designer's remix
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:20) Annehagen
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:15) Bruun Bazaar

Added: See Marie Cavallier at the By Malene Birger show here at Her&Nu (as usual, this can take a while to load depending on connection speed, if yours is slow leave it to load with sound down and then once loaded it will play over and over in a cycle...)
Compare Mary's first (known) fashion show appearance in 2003: Berlingske Tidende link page scroll half way down page to 'Mary til modeopvisning sammen med veninderne' and 'Mary til modeopvisning'
So much in common! lol! it was hot at both shows and much fanning was required. Marie's companion is Britt Siesbye, wife of Joachim's friend and racing partner Oscar.
Mary's companions are good friends Julie Mølsgaard and Ellen Hillingsø, both of whom we often see at official and informal occasions among the Crown Prince Couple's circle.

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Isn't it obvious, lame sis? The text tells the story if your eyes cannot.

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