Friday 3 August 2007

Gråsten Palace photocall

As is the custom, the royal family has been at Gråsten for several weeks, although it is not as big a gathering as it was last year. Queen Anne-Marie was present earlier during the visit with her sisters but left last weekend to go to Greece, where she and Constantine are planning on setting up a new household to retire to. The Queen has been busy with a number of duties, as was Prince Henrik before his departure to France. The family attended a performance by the Royal Danish Ballet in Sønderborg several days ago, also another traditional activity. Present were the Queen, Princess Benedikte, Frederik, Mary, Gustav, Carina Axelsson, Alexandra of Berleburg and Gunilla and Carl Johan Bernadotte, who is the youngest brother of the late Queen Ingrid. Then as we already know Mary and Frederik have been horseriding and Mary, Frederik and Alexandra visited Legoland with the children on Wednesday. Prince Joachim is not present this year as he has car racing on his agenda. The Queen will be leaving Gråsten shortly to join Prince Henrik in Cahors where their annual press conference will take place at Château de Cayx on August 7. You can almost hear the journalists' brains thinking how to word their questions to find ways to ask the Queen about Joachim and Marie!

TV2 SYD video clip (4:38) the royals attended the Royal Danish Ballet performance in the park at Sønderborg
TV2 photo gallery
TV2 video clip (0:38) first time we hear Christian cry since he was christened? video clip (0:19) short but essential viewing - 'riverdancing Christian' marching to the band's music
TV2 video clip (0:30) it seems both littlies had their moments video clip (1:57) where Christian squirms, marches and gets a good licking from the Queen's dachshund Heleke! German tourists enjoy the royal show
TV SYD video clip (1:26)
(thank you jema!)

Added: See some fantastic photos here from Søren Steffen

Added: Her & Nu video clip shows the photoshoot, can take a while to load but once it does it will run through on a cycle. This was a tough gig! All the children were reluctant posers and the sun was in their eyes. Perhaps Christian is teething, if the fingers in the mouth at Legoland are an indication, and Frederik wiping his mouth with a tissue. Hmm, you can hear the photographers calling to Mary throughout...

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