Thursday 2 August 2007

Felix is five!

A belated happy birthday to Prince Felix who turned five years old on July 22. After the holidays Felix will continue in kindergarten as decided by Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra, which is normal in Denmark, where children usually begin school at 6 years old. Following are some photographs taken August 28 by Steen Brogaard at Fredensborg Palace when the grandchildren were together with their grandparents for photographs to mark the 40th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Henrik. These additional photos were released to mark Felix's birthday. Felix has been in France with his father and in Greece with his mother during the holidays.

From Billed Bladet (no.30, 29 July 2007): 'Felix celebrates birthday with a smile'

So far all indicates that Countess Alexandra and Prince Joachim were spot on when they gave their second son the name Felix, which means “the happy one”.

Since he entered the world at Rigshospitalet on the July 22, 2002, the name has fitted the little prince well, who is now getting big and is developing his own personality.

Prince Felix is a very happy, secure and lively boy even though he is also still “kid brother” and sometimes a bit shy. But anyone who sees the little boy can be in no doubt that he’s a real Felix and is glad and happy. This is despite the fact that he has had a chaotic life during the his first five years.

Felix was only a couple of years old when his parents got divorced and his mother, Countess Alexandra got a new man, Marin Jørgensen, in her life.

That has no doubt caused confusion and bewilderment for the little boy, but both Alexandra and Prince Joachim have done everything in their power in order to create a secure environment for their two children. And even though Felix was small and did not quite understand what happened around him, he could easily feel the dramatic changes. But Countess Alexandra, Prince Joachim and later Martin Jørgensen too have together managed to give the children and not least Prince Felix loving caring and a lot of sympathy, so he has developed into a harmonious and happy boy.

A boy who has a great appetite for life and who tackles every big as well as small challenge, but who is also in possession of a gentle and amiable disposition.

“Felix is the smaller one, but he is like a rugby player, who just gets up again and takes the beatings that follows from having a big brother,” said Prince Joachim about his son at Château de Cayx. He has had a fantastic teacher and mate to look up to in his brother Prince Nikolai.

When Felix was born, Nikolai was proud and happy to have a little brother, even though he thought he was a bit dull to play with in the beginning. But as soon as Felix started to walk and could take part in the playing, the bond between the two brothers became strong.

They play fantastically well together and even though they can argue and fight like all brothers, their companionship and joy for each other is enormous. They are almost inseparable and they have a great time in each other's company, even though the two of them are very different in their personalities and appearance.

Since he was little Felix has had a puzzled and almost magnetic look in his sky blue eyes. Often a little thoughtful and a bit shy, with a reserved look, he is a quick witted lively child who can charm everything and everybody – and almost invariably wearing a cap.

During the next year Felix will be allowed to be the bright spark of the family without major duties or responsibilities. He will remain in Garnisons Sogns Menighedsbørnehave (the Congregation Kindergarten of Garrison Parish at St Annæ Square in Copenhagen) along with his mates of the same age and he will get one more year to mature before he starts in pre-school.

Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra had talked about letting Felix start in pre-school at Krebs School, but they have decided that he should be allowed to be “small” for one more year.

So Felix could smile untroubled and happy when he was celebrated on his birthday by his mother Countess Alexandra with cakes, flags, balloons and lots of presents after fourteen days of a great holiday with dad, Prince Joachim, in France. (by Trine Larsen and thanks to Muhler for translation)



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