Wednesday 15 August 2007

German program on Mary & Frederik

The German channel has been broadcasting a six week series of programs Die Königskinder which focus on each of the European heirs. The last broadcast featured Mary and Frederik which some may like to have a look at. It is 43 minutes long and in German, but features interviews with Danish commentators and a family friend of the Donaldson's and John Bertrand. The programs which have been shown featured Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria ("Mid-Summer Night's Dream"), Netherland's Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima ("Tulips and Tango"), Norway's Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit ("Cinderella and the Prince") and Spain's Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia ("The Crown Prince and the Journalist"). The links to these earlier programs and the future one on Prince William (next week's "Prince and rebel") are on this page.

To see the program on Mary and Frederik ("Schatz des Wikingers" - "The treasure of the Viking - Mary and Frederik of Denmark") click on the following:
ZDF start page
ZDF direct webcast
Windows Media Player

If you have trouble with ZDF, you might try downloading the VLC media player for Windows (VideoLAN is a free community software project begun by French students as a cross-platform player which overcomes a lot of online video access problems). is a public service German television channel based in Mainz and is an independent non-profit broadcaster run by the German federal states (Bundesländer). ZDF is funded through a television licence and advertising and is broadcast throughout Germany and over the web.

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Blogger Dandelion said...

Hey Lotte and Gigi, I've been following your blog for about 6 months now and just had to make a comment today. I'm an absolute Princess Mary fan and she is almost like an idol to me - not in the way that I want to be a princess- but rather her personality and way of doing things, her style and her sophistication.

I have to say, without this blog I would have never come across all those great resources about Mary and the Danish Royals. I've given up checking on news about Mary anywhere else because I know you guys will post something straight away and the coverage of your stories is just incredible. I love all the photos and links to videos - just then I watched the German documentary - it is always great to see some footage and read stories that are not just tailored to the media and put across in a totally different way than they happened.

So keep up the good work guys, wouldn't know where to get all my Mary updates without you!

Thanks a lot!

10:00 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi Sarah,

Glad you enjoy the blog. We are actually still a bit behind with some of our posts, but we'll catch up. Soon Mary and Frederik will be back to their post-summer schedule along with all the rest of the Danish royals, so things will pick up.

Thanks very much for taking the time to send us your comments.

lotte :)

1:23 pm  

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