Friday 10 August 2007

Frederik visits Save the Children Denmark

On Wednesday (August 6) Crown Prince Frederik visited the Danish Save the Children headquarters as its patron. During the working visit Crown Prince Frederik was briefed on the Save the Children Fund's projects to help children at risk both nationally and internationally.

In particular Frederik was given an update on the progress of the upcoming national collection campaign on September 9 which will focus on the Fund's work in Angola. The Fund's secretary general, Mimi Jacobsen, reported on her visit to Angola, where 1.5 million children do not attend school and where children still suffer the consequences of the now ended civil war, where Save the Children works to get children into schools and organises the education of teachers. (In the northern province of Uige, Save the Children Denmark is working towards rehabilitation of the war afflicted school system. The objective is to increase the number of children going to school and also to improve the quality of early and primary school education.)

Frederik was also very happy to receive greetings from old acquaintances in Greenland and saw a display of photos from Qaanaaq in northern Greenland. The day care centre which he personally initiated and has given money to, is working just as Frederik hoped it would, as a haven for children and youth.

Frederik spent plenty of time finding out about all the project areas, from children in war zones, child protection, foster families, to the anti-bullying project 'Fri for Mobberi' which Crown Princess Mary heads with the Save the Children Fund.

"It's a great pleasure for the Save the Children Fund to have a such an active patron as the Crown Prince, who shows such interest to the degree that he goes deeply into our work, and who is already very aware of conditions around the world. This allows for stimulating and constructive conversations," says Mimi Jakobsen, secretary general for the Save the Children Fund.

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