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Fleming christening media wrap

This goes way back to the end of June when Marie Cavallier joined the christening party for Caroline and Rory Fleming's second child. This was the first time we had seen Marie Cavallier in public with the Crown Prince Couple. See the original post about the christening here. For Australian readers you will see just how laughable the current issue of Woman's Day is (not that we expect more from a tabloid which "loves Mary" one week and attacks the next). Early last year when Mary was out shopping in Copenhagen with Christian, Caroline Heering and Anja Camilla Adajdi before they went to a friend's place for lunch/coffee/chat (?), she was asked by a journalist what she thought about Marie. Right from the start Mary was positive and discreet and said she was extremely happy for Joachim. Royal girlfriends are a different kettle of fish to the Hollywood celebrity phenomenon - and that goes for royalty in general for that matter. We are always suspicious of that hoary old chestnut "the palace insider" who is generally a copywriter with access to the internet, given the job of writing the week's hatchet job. We don't really know anything about how the royals get on - it is their private life and we don't have access to that. Ever!

Billed Bladet(no. 25, 21 June 2007) reported: 'Mary and Marie partied together'
During Easter they were together at Marselisborg Slot in Århus and during the weekend Crown Princess Mary again met Prince Joachim’s sweetheart, Marie Cavallier. This it was at the beautiful Valdemar's Palace at Tåsinge [an island], where both couples were invited for the christening. The Crown Prince Couple arrived on Saturday morning along with their two children, while Prince Joachim and his girlfriend rolled up in front of the castle stairs in Joachim’s new Masarati just in time to get dressed for the christening at 4:30pm.

Crown Princess Mary, age 35, and Marie Cavallier, age 31, who with their dark hair and brown eyes resemble each other to some extent, had also both chosen clothes in light colours and they both smiled heartily when they arrived at the castle church. Marie with Joachim were arm in arm, while Mary arrived without Frederik because she was one of the sponsors (godparents) had to go with the other four, among them Sofie Sibley, who is a childhood friend to the mother Caroline Fleming.

When the baptism was over Frederik and Mary however did go together down the stairs to the church and right behind them went Joachim and Marie.

French Marie Cavallier has now been sweetheart to Prince Joachim for a couple of years and only had to be introduced to very few of the guests by Joachim [since she already knew many]. The host couple Caroline and Rory Fleming had long since been introduced to her, among other places they have met on skis in Switzerland, but it was actually the first time she really got to meet Joachim’s cousin, Prince Gustav of Berleburg. He also brought his girlfriend Carina Axelsson, so now it is wondered about which of the two couples will be engaged first. Will it be Joachim and Marie or Gustav and Carina? No one got an answer to that question at the weekend’s party on Tåsinge.

The Crown Prince Couple and their children spent the night at Valdemar Palace and so did Joachim and Marie, so even though Frederik and Mary went away fairly early on Sunday, Mary and Marie did have an opportunity to chat cosily at the breakfast table. When they last were together at Marselisborg, Mary was heavily pregnant, but now Marie has also seen the little new princess.

To the question at to whether she will also show up by Joachim’s side at the Christening in Fredensborg, the answer was…… a big smile.* (by Anna Johannesen and kindly translated by Muhler) * We know of course that Marie did not attend the christening of Isabella. It was always extremely unlikely if you read royal protocol like some people read tea leaves.

And another Billed Bladet (no.25, 21 June 2007) story: 'With daddy to christening'

Prince Christian was wearing a fine blue blazer...he went to the christening at Valdemar's Castle. Crown Prince Frederik carried his son when they arrived but as soon as they had entered the church Christian was placed on a chair next to his father. The one and a half year old Prince had brought his own maracas with him, a toy percussion instrument for children, so they beat the rhythm themselves, which is what Christian indeed did, when the grown ups sang “I østen stiger solen up” ('The sun rises in the east', an extremely well known hymn in Denmark).

It was Caroline and Rory Fleming’s little daughter who was christened and when her big brother three year old Alexander was allowed to come to the baptismal font during the baptism, Prince Christian followed suit. That’s why he has an idea of what will happen when his little sister will be baptised in ten days.

The preparations for the baptism of the little princess is in full swing...[information about the coming christening of Isabella follows which we already know]. (written by Anna Johannesen and translated by Muhler)
Also in an overstated B.T. article 18 June 2007: 'Now Marie is part of the family' Yes, the groundwork for this to be the case looks clear, but it is not fact yet.

It was almost official when Prince Joachim left the castle church at Valdemar's Palace holding the hand of his French sweetheart Marie. They were right behind Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary who had little Prince Christian in her arms on the way out from the church.

They had all been to christening of their friends in common, Baroness Caroline Fleming, who owns Valdemar's Palace and who is married to multi millionaire Rory Fleming.

Marie looked so happy and she was super elegant in high heels and pink that not only matched the flower decoration of the church, but also Prince Joachim’s very pinkish tie.

That the couple came so close behind big brother Frederik also means that Marie and the Crown Princess have long since has gotten to know each other well. But Marie will however hardly have the opportunity to attend the baptism hosted by Frederik and Mary and the 1st of July in Fredensborg Slotskirke. It’s simply a question of royal etiquette. But new times, new customs. So who knows? [again, we know she didn't, and another clue it really wasn''t expected]

At least everyone enjoyed the baptism at Valdemar's Palace, where Caroline and Rory Fleming had their second child, a little daughter, who was christened Josephine Margaretha Victoria Fleming. Crown Princess Mary was one of the child’s seven sponsors (godparent).

Prince Joachim’s ex-wife, ex-princess Alexandra, now Countess of Frederiksborg was there too along with her husband Martin Jørgensen. They too arrived hand in hand and looked so happy. But Joachim and Alexandra’s sons were not present.

Caroline’s little daughter's behaviour was exemplary too, “She was really good,” said the proud mother, who carried her daughter, born at Christmas, herself.

Josephine’s second name, Margaretha, is after Caroline’s mother who died when Caroline was very young.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were among the first guests to arrive at the castle. Prince Joachim and Marie arrived somewhat later driven by Joachim, who sat behind the wheel in his Masarati. Both were casually dressed ...When they walked up the stairs they waved.

“Joachim has become more colourful (in the way he dresses) after he met Marie. His hair is much fresher (less conservative) and he seems super happy,” was one of the remarks from a bystander. (written by Bodil Cath and, yes, you guessed it! translated by Muhler)

Photos first 3) from Se og Hør: Rory Fleming and Prince Gustav of Berleberg, Caroline, Mary and Christian, Caroline Fleming and Josephine and Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier arriving:

Many familliar faces among the guests, including the Heerings, the Reedtz-Thott's, the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig's:

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