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Thursday 30 August 2007

Frederik & Farr 40 World Championship update

On Monday evening Crown Prince Frederik sailed from Amalienborg across to the Copenhagen Opera House for the opening ceremony of the Farr 40 World Championships. The Commodore of the Royal Danish Yacht Club David Holm welcomed competitors from thirteen countries: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Ukraine and U.S.A. The opening was suitably informal for sailors, even though it was in grand surroundings. Afterwards the guests sailed back across the harbour.

The opening ceremony at the Opera House (photos Rolex/Daniel Forster):

And racing, 1) and 2) the start of the 2007 Farr 40 World Championship, 3) "Nanoq", Crown Prince Frederik, 4th in Race 5 (photos ©Photo:ROLEX/Carlo Borlenghi):

Tough day at the office Regatta News.com's latest report on the 2007 Farr 40 World Championship
Rolex Farr 40 Fleet Takes it light and shifty

Søren Steffen's gallery (from 29 August)

From Yachting World 'Rolex Farr 40 World Championship'
After day two of racing in the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship, Copenhagen, Denmark, the top four boats overall are all familiar names - Mascalzone Latino, Alinghi, Nerone and Barking Mad - all are previous Rolex Farr 40 World Champions. Yet several other boats picked the shifts well enough on a difficult day to move up in the standings. Struntje Light (GER), Siragusawa (FIN), Nanoq (DEN), and Norwegian Steam (NOR) all had a top five race finish, which is no mean feat in this 36 boat fleet. The day began overcast with scattered rain and a WSW breeze at 12-14 knots, dropping to 8 knots for the start of the second race. A third race was postponed as the wind was forecast to drop even further.

After winning the first race, Barking Mad's tactician Terry Hutchinson went on to describe the uncertainty of the second race. "We got an awesome start in the middle of the line just to leeward of Alinghi and to weather of Nerone. [We] got our bow out - just trucking along - sailing a left shift, tack, cross everybody to the right of us. [We] go for about 2-3 minutes, sail back into a right shift and tack…looking just sweet. Cross two lengths ahead of Nerone. Nerone goes about four lengths beyond our line and tacks and just sheer off of us. We went from easily launched to being engulfed by the pack. Basically the light spot was on us, it was on no other boat. It was a little random." Racing concludes 1 September.

Results after five races:

(Position - Country - Helm - Tactician - Points)
1. Mascalzone Latino - ITA - Vincenzo Onorato - Adrian Stead, 24
2. Alinghi - SUI - Ernesto Bertarelli - Brad Butterworth, 34
3. Nerone - ITA - Antonio Sodo Migliori - Vasco Vascotto, 39
4. Barking Mad - USA - Jim Richardson - Terry Hutchinson, 39
5. Infinity - USA - John B. Thomson Jr, - Jens Christensen, 48
6. Sputnik - AUS - Ivan Wheen - Tom King, 48
7. Opus One - GER - Wolfgang Stolz - Kelvin Harrap, 57
8. Calvi - ITA - Carlo Alberini - D Pietro, 68
9. Ichi Ban - AUS - Matt Allen - Michael Coxon - 68
10. Enfant Terrible - ITA - Serena Gianluigi - Paolo Cian, 68

Press Report/
Yachting World, 31 August 2007

TV2 flash clip (0:26)
DR.dk news clip (1:20)
DR.dk news clip (1:06)

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Margrethe has the family under control

Niels Ole Qvist of B.T. (29 August 2007) has written a thought provoking story on the state of the Danish royal family in 'Margrethe har styr på familien' (Margrethe has the family under control):
If the DRF was a firm listed on the stock exchange then the shares would be at their highest ever. And the chairman of the board, Queen Margrethe, would be in for a golden bonus.
The manager of the royal firm is currently completely in control of her “vice managers” and enjoy almost blind trust from the share holders, i.e. the Danish taxpayers who invest a little less than 88 million DKK in the enterprise annually.
“Yes, it goes fantastically well. The DRF has probably never signalled more harmony than now,” says anthropologist and royal expert Anne Skelborg Jensen.
Other royal watchers who are used to interpret the slightest movement in the royal chambers use sentences such as "Happier than seen for a long time!" and "In total harmony!"
It was the British Queen Elizabeth who used the vivid description annus horribilis about the terrible year in the BRF after a string of juicy scandals.
If you stay in that terminology then the royal experts agree that 2007 is well on the way to becomming annus jubilus for the DRF.
“What shines through it all is that Margrethe has 35 years of experience in running her house. She has the experience, she has the overview and she understands how to navigate in the modern media reality,” says historian and museum manager Steffen Heiberg.
Queen Margrethe and the court have learned one thing: that even small things can grow big with a lightning speed.
“The court has been good at crisis management. They are attentive to all stories in the media, big as well as small, and they react quickly. That can be to move the focus of the media from something negative to something positive,” explains Steffen Heiberg.
Queen Margrethe has two perfect “fire extinguishers” on her 'staff', Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. They can at any time be sent out in the field when things are hot.
“They are young, they are beautiful, well educated, dynamic and they seem incredibly happy together. And then they have delivered the goods: a prince and a princess. That fairy tale couldn’t have been written any better,” says anthropologist Anne Skelborg Jensen.
There have been several issues in the past few years that could have given Queen Margrethe some sleepless nights. First and foremost there was the divorce between Alexandra and Joachim in 2004, but also there was Prince Henrik’s highly dramatic exit to France in March 2002, where he went into a short lived exile in anger over the lack of respect about his person.
It was then he said the famous words to Bodil Cath from B.T.:
“I feel discarded, put aside and humiliated.”
Queen Margrethe had to muster all her crisis management expertise and went to France, where the eager amateur archaeologist put the pieces back together and induced her husband to come back home.
Since then the happiness of the Crown Prince Couple's wedding and christenings have outshone all crises in the DRF.
Even in Møgeltønder [Prince Joachim's residence Schackenborg] there is apparent harmony. Prince Joachim who in the chaotic time after the divorce changed epithets from the Corn Prince [alluding to his agriculture business] to the Party Prince, is no longer staggering around on the dance floor of provincial discotheques [alluding to a bit of tabloid exaggeration here!].
The question now is just when he intends to announce the upcoming engagement with his girlfriend Marie Cavallier.
“Joachim’s sweetheart also seems to have things under control. She has obviously been to “princess school” and now knows a little bit more about what it takes,” remarks Anne Skelborg Jensen.
While the DRF at the moment is thriving big time, their Norwegian counterparts are struggling with bad press. The case of Princess Märtha’s “angel school” is a textbook example of how fast things can explode, according to historian Steffen Heiberg.
“Margrethe would be forced to step in if that sort of thing happened in the DRF. If Mary suddenly started to talk to angels, well, then everything could quickly start sliding. The royals live from their prestige and reputation and the public in Denmark would not allow that sort of foolishness."
Steffen Heiberg assesses that the DRF – and Queen Margrethe – enjoy something close to a historically high reputation among the Danish population.
And apart from the current family bliss, that is probably the deeper reason for Queen Margrethe smiling so broadly these days. As King Frederik VII said:
“The love of the people, my strength.”
The article mentions four examples of well-managed crisis:
1) Frederik’s many girl friends, a number of whom were hardly princess material! Margrethe dealt with that by simply not acknowledging them until the right one, Mary, came along.
2) Henrik sulking in France. In three days the family was gathered around him and the crisis contained [Margrethe called Frederik and Joachim to France].
3) Joachim and Alexandra’s divorce, which was handled admirably, without any dirt being thrown around.
4) The various illnesses suffered in recent years by Queen Margrethe. She is now on top again and Steffen Heiberg believes that there is no way Margrethe would ever abdicate. Frederik will become king to the words of “The Queen is dead. Long live the King”. (Written by Niels Ole Qvist and kindly translated by Muhler)

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Frederik, Mary & Christian @ Gad-Foss christening

SE og HØR and photos by Hans Bølcho
The weekend before last, on August 18, SE og HØR (no. 34/2007) reported on the christening of the third baby of the Crown Prince Couple's friends, ballerina Rose Gad and Holger Foss. The couple already have two boys and around the time of the birth of Princess Isabella they welcomed Dagmar Louise into their family. SE og HØR rather bizarrely took the angle that little Christian, who is not yet two, had his first experience of flirting with little Clara (not yet three!), who is the daughter of Mette Boetcher and Henning Jensen. It is a pity that SE og HØR should make children the objects of such ridiculous sexualisation. The christening was at Sankt Soerens Church in Gammel Rye, Silkeborg. Little Princess Isabella was there but didn't attend the church service.

SE og HØR and photos by Hans Bølcho

It appears Mary is wearing this ring from Georg Jensen as well as this bracelet. (thanks cph!)

For those who follow Mary's recycling, you will observe that this dress is recycled from an August 2004 visit to the ballet three years ago, and the shoes and bag are also recycled. A kind blog reader has sent us some scans and pics of others wearing this obviously popular dress by Prada, worn by Ellen Pompeo, Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and also by Queen Rania (unpictured):

(thanks Caroline!)

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Tuesday 28 August 2007

Happy birthday to Prince Nikolai!

A happy birthday for Prince Nikolai today who turns eight years old. Nikolai was born at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) on August 28,1999 and was the first grandchild for Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. It is not an official flag flying day in Denmark, but we will fly the flag here at the blog. We are sure the Dannebrog will appear at his birthday celebrations with his family. Nikolai has returned to school for the new school year at Krebs School in Copenhagen and is looking quite a big boy these days.


Monday 27 August 2007

New book by PET bodyguard to be reviewed

Denmark's Danish Security Intelligence Service (PET) is set to review a new book written by a former PET officer who was a former bodyguard of Crown Prince Frederik.
From TV2 PET-kritik af Frederiks ekslivvagt - PET criticism of Frederik's ex-bodyguard:
The Police Intelligence Service (PET) is now criticising one of Crown Prince Frederik's former bodyguards, who is publishing a book about his work at the court, writes B.T.
The head of PET, chief constable/commissioner Jakob Scharf is not thrilled about the publication of I Majestætens tjeneste - In the service of Her Majesty.
"One must sometimes wonder what people will do for money, but I can note that a former employee in PET, who was last (before leaving the service) attached to our IT service apparently intends to publish a book about PET's protection of the DRF".
According to the publishing firm Aschehoug the former "shadow" of the Crown Prince, Jesper Lundorf, will give an "insider story about work as bodyguard for Crown Prince Frederik".
According to the plan Jesper Lundorf's book, which he has written in co-operation with Ivan Rod, will be published on October 22. But the publication can harm PET's work, believes Jakob Scharf.
"In order for PET to protect the people who need protection, it is absolutely crucial that the PET bodyguards do not publish information that is part of their private life [a criminal offence]. This applies during and after employment in PET. When a former employee breaks these guidelines, it harms PET's possibilities for providing effective protection. And it does also say quite a lot about the qualities of that person as a bodyguard," said Jakob Scharf to B.T.
The top management in PET will carefully study the book when it is published.
"If the book is published we from PET will go through it very carefully and if it contains information which the author is not allowed to disclose, we will take the necessary steps," says Jakob Scharf.
Jesper Lundorf, who was bodyguard for the Crown Prince for seven years declines to comment on the stance of Jakob Scharf and PET in regard to the book.
At the publishing firm Aschehough the manager received the reaction from PET with calm.
“I cannot imagine that there will be anything in that book that will give reason for PET to worry. There is a dialogue with PET going on, which we expect will continue. Everyone talks about a book which no one has seen before it is published. We don’t mind talking to PET about the book before it is published,, says Erik Barfoed to B.T. (with thanks to Muhler!)
From Jyllands Posten Frederik’s bodyguard causes consternation by Anne Funch, 24 August 2007:
A book about former bodyguard Jesper Lundorf’s work as bodyguard for Crown Prince Frederik is causing great consternation even before it has been published.
One of Crown Prince Frederik’s most entrusted associates will publish a book about the work inside the royal walls at the end of October. Jesper Lundorf was a royal bodyguard to the Crown Prince for ten years and the book is causing concern even before it has been published.
Danish users of internet chat and blog sites are afraid that the book will reveal work methods and gossip which can harm the royals.
Jeppe Marker, who is editorial chief at publisher Aschehoug do not believe Danes have reason for concern.
He told Ekstra Bladet that Aschehough as a publisher does not have any interest in ruining the security around the DRF or the security of the realm in general.
Neither is it a wish of the former bodyguard nor the publisher to gossip about what goes on privately in the DRF.
The book is about Jesper Lundorf’s training at the police and training to be a bodyguard at PET, the time with the DRF and the challenges of being so close to a royal person, whom you must protect with your own life.
The author has been a martial arts instructor for many years specialising in training bodyguards. He is today working as a highly paid security advisor for and in the private sector. Apart from that he is also a sought after lecturer. (thanks Muhler!)

Update: From B.T. 27 August 2007 PET skal ind over bog om Frederik (PET will be consulted on book about Frederik).

After the chief of PET publicly vented his displeasure about the book I Majestætens hemmelige tjeneste (In the secret service of Her Majesty), written by a long time former member of the security detail protecting the Crown Prince, Jesper Lundorf, the publisher, Aschehough, now seems to have cold feet.

The manager of the publishing firm, Erik Barfoed, has now invited PET to have a "dialogue". PET can have a look at the book. No problem. After all the book hasn't even "gone to press yet". It has not been edited for the last time and we are really talking about something that doesn't even exist, says Erik Barfoed. (thanks Muhler!)

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Sunday 26 August 2007

Frederik in Farr 40 pre-worlds

©Photo:ROLEX/Carlo Borlenghi

The Rolex Farr 40 pre-World Championship has ended after 2 days of sailing in Øresund out off Copenhagen since Friday. The Royal Danish Yacht Club (RDYC), host of Worlds, welcomed thirty-five boats from twelve countries to their new yacht club headquarters on Tuborg Harbour, in Copenhagen (recently opened by the Queen).

"Barking Mad" skippered by Jim Richardson (USA) again took first place in the pre-worlds as he did in Newport RI last year. Richardson ended up 4th in the Worlds last year.

A number of boats had to retire from racing on the last day because of collisions.

Friday was the first day of racing in the Rolex Pre-Worlds, a tune-up for the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships, beginning next Wednesday on 29 August through to 1 September. Teams from USA (7), Denmark (6), Italy (6), Australia (4), Norway (3), France (2), Germany (2), Switzerland (1), Ukraine (1), Finland (1), Brazil (1), and Sweden (1) will compete.

The race course is situated just north of the yacht club in the waters of Øresund - the strait between Denmark and Sweden.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club's commodore David Holm and his Team Monick/Tuborg had a successful pre Worlds finishing 4th, which is very promising for the World Championship. David Holm said “We're not first runners in this race, we're not the most experienced ones, but we're moving up in the fleet and we're very happy with that." He said with a laugh, “Well I believe we are all stars! But I definitely know that some of these guys on board are the real stars. It's fun and it's fantastic to attract such an incredible bunch of world class sailors to this wonderful spot in Denmark.”

"Nanoq" was 19th overall out of 36 entrants. The final result for "Nanoq" was on course side (OCS, which broke rule 30.1) in race 1, 9th in race 2, 9th in race 3, 32nd in race 4 and 5th ins race 5.

The Farr 40 season has a busy one. The owners have had a meeting in Copenhagen in which the mood of the class and owners was described as buoyant and positive about having had ten years of successful racing for a class to which everyone is committed.

“Blu Moon” follows “Barking Mad” to overall win from Regatta News on the Rolex Baltic Week in Neustadt, Germany, which was from 17 to 23 August 2007. Frederik and "Nanoq" didn't participate.

1) The start of the first race on Friday, 2) "Nanoq" tactician Bouwe Bekking and Frederik, 3) and 4) sailing, 5) the "Nanoq" bowman catches the spinnaker drop:

B.T. ('Sejlerprinsen prioriterer familien højest - Sailor prince's family is top priority) B.T. reports on an interview Frederik gave in Børsen about his involvement with sailing and attempts to increase the profile of sailing as a sport in Denmark. He was invited to sail in the America's Cup just finished in Valencia in Spain by the Alinghi team (also Farr 40 competitors from Italy), but declined and has not pursued it because his family is his first priority and also has Farr 40 sailing commitments. Frederik has been regent for most of Ausgust while his mother the Queen has been holidaying in France.

More photos from Regatta News

Added: Rolex Farr 40 Pre-Worlds sets the tone from Regatta News

All photos © Rolex, Carlo Borlenghi and Daniel Forster

To keep track of Frederik's boat, the sail is marked DEN 7, it has a dove grey hull and bow number 24.

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Saturday 18 August 2007

Large fire at Fredensborg Palace averted by tourist

A fire in a large garage behind the Chancellery House at Fredensborg Palace where the Crown Prince and his family live was stopped after a Swedish tourist raised the alarm on Friday afternoon around 4pm. The fire was caused by a short circuit in an electric golf cart which was charging in the garage at the time.

Thanks to the alert Swedish tourist the fire didn't develop into a large fire at Fredensborg Palace. The golf cart was being charged in a large garage, which is situated behind the Chancellery House in the palace estate. This is the home of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik. The Crown Prince is currently regent for his mother, who is on holidays.

According to the local police in Helsingør, a spark probably occurred in the afternoon causing a short circuit which ignited the car. The smoke was seen by a Swedish tourist who happened to be going past at the time. He raised the alarm on his mobile phone and informed the palace staff. A palace police officer got a dry-powder extinguisher which contained the fire sufficiently that he could push the cart out of the garage. In the meantime the fire service came with the sirens sounding and extinguished the last sparks.

The garage has space for 14 cars, but is used as a workshop and also contains fuel and wood which is used in the palace. The fire might have erupted violently if it wasn't for the quick action.
Jyllands Posten
Berlingske Tidende

From the local radio website Humbleborg.dk, the fire occured on Friday afternoon a little after 4:00pm in 'the wood shed' at Fredensborg Palace.

Some alert tourists prevented a big fire at Fredensborg Slot on Friday afternoon. It was the old wood barn which is just beside the Crown Prince and Crown Princess's home that was close to going up in flames.

An electric car which stood in the shed was probably the cause of the fire, in the same area as a fair amount of oil and petrol were stored.

Some Swedish tourists saw smoke and could smell that there something was amiss. They contacted the staff at the palace, who immediately attended to fighting the fire, and North Zealand's fire fighting service attended to help immediately afterwards.

If the fire had started during the night, stored petrol and oil would very quickly have contributed to a bigger explosion, with a catastrophic effect on the neighbouring buildings. The closest buildings are garages for the royal house's car fleet.

That did not happen, and nothing is interrupted for the many tourists who visit Fredensborg.

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Friday 17 August 2007

Mary, Marie & Alexandra: at home, at play, at work

Turns out being a princess is not all fashion shows and champagne it would seem. Hello magazine ('Princess Mary of Denmark not too grand to empty the bins') has Mary in domestic mode with Ziggy at Chancellery House at Fredensborg.

On the Marie front, SE og HØR ('Weekend-kærester' - weekend sweetheart) reports Marie Cavallier visited Copenhagen last weekend (arrived Friday from Geneva and left Monday). Joachim, Marie and Apple (the doggy in the bag) went to Copenhagen's harbour area at Langelinie with their friends Oscar and Britt Siesbye on Sunday. Billed Bladet ('Marie i prinsesselære' - Marie to princess apprenticeship) notes the pattern of weekend visits, meeting the family, a public kiss, fashion shows and attending a friend's christening as very similar to that of the public courtship of Mary and Frederik.

Arriving and with Prince Joachim:

With Britt Siesbye and at the Malene Birger show and then at the Jens Laugesen show:

See Marie Cavallier at the By Malene Birger show here at Her&Nu (as usual, this can take a while to load depending on connection speed, if yours is slow leave it to load with sound down and then it will play over and over in a cycle...)
Compare Mary's first (known) fashion show appearance in 2003: Berlingske Tidende link page scroll half way down page to 'Mary til modeopvisning sammen med veninderne' and 'Mary til modeopvisning'
So much in common! it was hot at both shows and much fanning was required. Marie's companion is Britt Siesbye, wife of Joachim's friend and racing partner Oscar.
Mary's companions are good friends Julie Mølsgaard and Ellen Hillingsø, both of whom we often see at official and informal occasions among the Crown Prince Couple's circle.

And SE og HØR, B.T. and TV2 report Countess Alexandra may have a job in her future. At a Danish Radio Girls' Choir training day recently (she is the patron), Alexandra was asked about a possible job by a reporter and said an announcement will be made soon. The implication is something is definitely in the works and it will no doubt be seen as a 'coup' for the employer who has enticed her to work for them. Alexandra herself was non-committal saying she hadn't said yes to anything defininte yet, according to B.T.

And, from Times Online 'Great Dane: the rise of Copenhagen Fashion Week - Yes they're stylishly idiosyncratic, but the Danes are aiming to be important on the international stage, led by the label Noir...'

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Wednesday 15 August 2007

German program on Mary & Frederik

The German channel ZDF.de has been broadcasting a six week series of programs Die Königskinder which focus on each of the European heirs. The last broadcast featured Mary and Frederik which some may like to have a look at. It is 43 minutes long and in German, but features interviews with Danish commentators and a family friend of the Donaldson's and John Bertrand. The programs which have been shown featured Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria ("Mid-Summer Night's Dream"), Netherland's Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima ("Tulips and Tango"), Norway's Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit ("Cinderella and the Prince") and Spain's Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia ("The Crown Prince and the Journalist"). The links to these earlier programs and the future one on Prince William (next week's "Prince and rebel") are on this page.

To see the program on Mary and Frederik ("Schatz des Wikingers" - "The treasure of the Viking - Mary and Frederik of Denmark") click on the following:
ZDF start page
ZDF direct webcast
Windows Media Player

If you have trouble with ZDF, you might try downloading the VLC media player for Windows (VideoLAN is a free community software project begun by French students as a cross-platform player which overcomes a lot of online video access problems).

ZDF.de is a public service German television channel based in Mainz and is an independent non-profit broadcaster run by the German federal states (Bundesländer). ZDF is funded through a television licence and advertising and is broadcast throughout Germany and over the web.

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Tuesday 14 August 2007

Mary, Alexandra & Marie @ fashion week

Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) was last week (from last Wednesday to Sunday) where Danish and Scandinavian designers presented their Spring/Summer 2008 collections for more than 50,000 fashion professionals and Danish and international media.

This season CFW presented three large fashion fairs, CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), CPH Vision and the newly established fair, Gallery, for fashion professionals, all promoting an industry which is one of the top three earners in the Danish economy.

The week was launched at the CIFF Trend show 2008 on Wednesday. The same day IN magazine announced the winner of the Nordic design award which went to the Icelandic designer STEiNUNN Sigurdardottir.

There was also the ready-to-wear collection of Elise Gug and the Whiite show which were attended by Countess Alexandra (see Countess Alexandra checks out designs for Spring 2008 in Hello).

Susanne Rützou presented her 15th CIFF show where many design colleagues and competitors were spotted among the guests including Peter Ingwersen (Noir), Michael Kristensen (COS), Malene Birger (By Malene Birger) and Henriette Zobel (Pureheart). Then there was the show attended by Crown Princess Mary, the Baum und Pferdgarten presentation of ’Poetic Globetrotters at high speed’, by the two designers of the label Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave. Mary was wearing a dress from their collection. (See Berlingske Tidende 'Baum und Pferdgarten: Sofistikeret succes' B&P: sophisticated success)

Marie Cavallier attended the Malene Birger show. (See SE og HØR, Marie was at the By Malene Birger show in Hellerup)

Designers' Nest (Mary is the patron)
See Danish designers & brands here
Links to Danish fashion magazines here (six in Danish, two are in English)
CIFF website in English
CIFFKIDS in English with a Pippi Longstocking theme "When you are strong you should be nice"
Gallery lots of links
Copenhagen Fashion Week SS08
Danish Fashion Institute
David Report blog
Face Hunter blog

See Fashion finds its stride in The Copenhagen Post

Also, as a point of interest about Denmark as a whole see There is nothing like a Dane for an economy-savvy lead by Adele Horin in The Sydney Morning Herald

Berlingske Tidende photo gallery various
Berlingske Tidende photo gallery the Day Birger et Mikkelsen show (extra click through the 3 or 4 ads)
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:34) Anne-Sophie Back
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:52) Designer's remix
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:20) Annehagen
Politiken slideshow gallery (1:15) Bruun Bazaar

Added: See Marie Cavallier at the By Malene Birger show here at Her&Nu (as usual, this can take a while to load depending on connection speed, if yours is slow leave it to load with sound down and then once loaded it will play over and over in a cycle...)
Compare Mary's first (known) fashion show appearance in 2003: Berlingske Tidende link page scroll half way down page to 'Mary til modeopvisning sammen med veninderne' and 'Mary til modeopvisning'
So much in common! lol! it was hot at both shows and much fanning was required. Marie's companion is Britt Siesbye, wife of Joachim's friend and racing partner Oscar.
Mary's companions are good friends Julie Mølsgaard and Ellen Hillingsø, both of whom we often see at official and informal occasions among the Crown Prince Couple's circle.

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