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Saturday 30 June 2007

Latest on the christening...

Low-key christening rehearsal at Fredensborg - Lillepigen and Christian exit stage left

  • We already know this christening is more low-key than Christian's (less than half the size), but there is confirmation today that none of Mary's siblings will be there on Sunday. Jane Stephens and Patricia Bailey will be at home in Hobart and Mary's brother John is at work in his job as a geologist in Western Australia. Mary's father and step-mother will attend

  • Royal guests will include Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit. We also know there will be many of the closer family royals among Princess Benedikte's and Queen Anne-Marie's children. And, it is not pushing it too hard to speculate there will be a strong contingent of Frederik's and Mary's friends

  • It is thought about 140 guests are invited, but there are not many details until the christening. We will post the guest list, information about the service, church decorations and Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen's sermon when we can. They will appear on the court websites during the christening (links to both on the left navigation bar here)

  • The weather forecast for North Sjælland on Sunday is fine but cloudy and a daytime temperature of 22C, winds look as if they'll be north westerly

  • DR reports that the 35,000 or so people expected to be travelling on buses in the metro area on their way to their summer house needn't miss out on the news of Lille prinsessens name. The drivers on duty are equiped with radios which will be used to transmit the news to the passengers the moment it is made public at the christening!

  • The Municipalty of Århus will give Lilleprinsessen a playhouse sized copy of Marselisborg Castle in a ratio of 1:10 (3.8 metres x 1.7 metres and 1.85 metres high).

    The playhouse (above) will be made of environmentally sound materials. The entrance will be between the two towers and the roof can be opened too, so that grown-ups can get in more easily. The playhouse is designed by Alice Rosborg, the city architect for the Århus Municipality

  • The Marselisborg Palace playhouse to be - a gift from Århus Municipality

  • The Sønderborg Municipality will give Lille prinsessen a gift she can use when she is visiting Gråsten Palace each summer. It is two little chairs, Peter model designed in 1944, and a little table made by the furniture designer Wegener. They hope the set will be placed at Gråsten Palace. The set is also a kind of construction toy because each chair has four parts which can be put together without tools.

  • From the Danish Pottery Museum comes a miniature cup and porridge bowl made by potter Lisbeth Kring Jensen (article in Danish Melfar Posten)

  • And another gift story from Ballarat via Sydney. The North Shore Times reported on a purchase for Lilleprinsessen 'Plush plaything posted to princess at palace'. The rams are pretty in pink!

  • Here's something fun - this is a link to panoramas of Fredensborg Palace and inside the Palace Chapel where the christening will take place. You need QuickTime to use the zooming panorama feature (zoom in with SHIFT and out with CTRL or hold down left mouse button and move right hand over a laptop mouse pad). The NR-photos are by Hans Nyberg.

  • This DR Prinsesse theme page has links to Margrethe's, Frederik's, Felix's and Christian's christenings (scroll down the page a little). Danes can get the name of Lilleprinsesse just after it is announced SMSd to them from a link on this page. So many bases are being covered it is hard to imagine a Dane who will not know the name within seconds of it being uttered!

  • DR.dk video clip (1:48) Guess what? there is a strong princess theme in Fredensborg
    DR.dk video clip (0:30) Fredensborg in princess mode for the 18:30 news credits
    TV2 video clip (2:20) Every little girl in Denmark seems to be a princess
    DR.dk video clip (1:54) about the making of the Tasmanian gift to Lilleprinsesse

  • From The Sydney Morning Herald Danes guessing on name of Mary's baby

  • From news.com.au Punting on name for daughter of Princess Mary

  • Sydney's Daily Telegraph has a 22 photo 'Fred & Mary' gallery

  • And here is a royal baby collection of photos (TV2 is running a competition of opinions on who is the fairest of them all!) - TV2 historical royal babies gallery it begins with Christian X (for whom the christening robes were made in Belgium) as a baby with his mother Alexandrine, Frederik IX in the most unfortunate, erm, sailor's dress with his father Christian X standing directly behind his chair, poor Frederik IX again 'decorated' with a large frilly hat (he must have had a few laughs over those photos as an adult!), then Margrethe with Christian X, Frederik and Joachim, Nikolai and Felix, Christian and Lilleprinsesse.

  • Added:

  • The Sunday Tasmanian/The Mercury 'Danish royals keep mum'

  • Danish reports are that the press accreditation has been a bit of a bun fight. Had Frederik and Mary accepted all applications for accreditiation, the press alone wouldn't fit into the chapel, let alone the guests. B.T.'s Bodil Cath says the emphasis has been on it being small. On an Australian TV news this evening she indicated that maybe all Australian women are named Sheila or Kylie! Jyllands Posten reports on the press numbers too. Only a small number of the press who applied for accreditation got it, including just one photo-journalist from Australia

  • According to Jyllands Posten the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen will give Lilleprinsessen a selection of original Australian children's books as a christening gift on behalf of the Australian government. Great precedent! Christian got an original edition of the 1918 May Gibbs classic Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

    Lillepigen will receive Hazel Edwards" There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake and Jackie French's wonderful Diary of a Wombat based on a real wombat in her garden, among other books.

  • Webcasts

    A note for our readers: both networks in Denmark (DR1 and TV2) have extensive (hours!) of coverage planned. In addition NRK in Norway will have a live broadcast which they usually webcast and leave on their site to watch again afterwards (how nice!). We anticipate that we will post webcast links from all three of these sources, so bone up on your Danish and Norwegian! Just come here if you are unsure where to find links and you will find them here.

    The coverage will begin very early in Denmark with morning shows on both networks, from 7:00am on DR1 and from 8:30am on TV2 (after B1 and B2 come down the stairs to catch you unawares! - the Australian toddler's favourite Bananas in Pyjamas, and 2 - does Christian watch?)

    Here is a link to the World Clock time converter so you can calculate times for where you live. The broadcasts will be roughly for 5 and 6 hours with the arrival of guests from 10:30am and the christening itself until around 1:00pm. For east coast Australians and then the other time zones, it will be late afternoon and early evening. Seven and Nine Networks are promoting coverage of some sort (with reporters there) but neither are live. As with Christian's christening, SkyNews may show it live if you have cable. For those around the globe who will be fast asleep, there will be plenty of video clips to see later from Danish and Australian television and plenty from the print media too. It will be hard to miss it!

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    Thursday 28 June 2007

    A new book: Profession: Princess

    A new edition of a book by Swedish royal author Catarina Hurtig has been released in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

    From the publisher's blurb on Catarina Hurtig (Princesses Uppdrag: Prinsessa):

    It sounds like a story from the past but the dream of becoming a princess, to get the charming prince and half the kingdom and live ”happily ever after” has never been more present than today. In the European royal families we now have several Cinderellas whose lives changed completely since they met the prince of their dreams. It even seems as if these ordinary girls have become more popular than princesses of the blood.

    Modernisation of the monarchies have increased the demands on the princesses. Not only should a European princess of today produce heirs to the throne, she should also be an important PR-representative and a smiling fashion icon – preferably all at the same time.

    The pressure from the mass media and the royal courts have on several occasions led to depressions, eating disorders and private conflicts. Some of the younger European princesses have also been surrounded by scandals. Catarina Hurtig portrays the ten most famous princesses of this new generation – Letizia, Charlotte, Mathilde, Maxima, Mary, Alexandra, Märtha-Louise, Mette-Marit, Madeleine and Victoria. The portraits cover intrigues and treachery, horrible accidents, fantastic success stories and, of course, love!

    Princesses was published at Bonnier Fakta in May 2006.
    Sold in Finland (Otava), Norway (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag)
    Denmark (Peoples Press), The Netherlands (AW Bruna)

    A peek at Hurtig's summaries in English of Mette-Marit/Maxima/Letizia

    The blurb for the Norwegian launch:

    Congratulations, Catarina Hurtig! The entertaining book Uppdrag: Prinsessa - about our ten most interesting pricesses - has now been released in Norway (Gyldendal). The launch was a success with interviews in TV and radio and Catarina has now become the Princess-expert in Norway as well with remarkably good sales figures.
    The title is also sold to Peoples Press in Denmark, AW Bruna in the Netherlands and Otava in Finland.

    Read more about Catarina Hurtig by clicking here.

    Danish version available from online books store saxo.com

    Excerpt from a review of the book by Dorte Quist in Billed Bladet (no. 26, 2007)- The world’s best Princess

    By Dorte Quist, Mary is praised in a new book:

    There are much greater expectations of the princesses by marriage than the princesses by birth, says Catarina Hurtig, who has just released the book Profession: Prinsesse about ten of Europe’s Princesses – and among these are our own Mary and Alexandra.

    It is hard to describe a job as a princess, but Swedish Catarina Hurtig, who has been a Royal reporter for six years reporting on Crown Princess Victoria, has made an attempt in her new book
    Profession: Prinsesse which [was] released [last] week.

    A princess needs to have a kind manner towards everybody, she has to be humble, grateful, keep an indefinable distance with everybody and then there cannot be any arrogance or haughtiness in them. Pretty hard, huh?!

    Mary is one of the princesses of Europe who has succeeded, and perhaps the one who has done the best in her job. She has a warm side to her which can reach out to all. She is nice, open and smiling at all times and everywhere. But she also keeps a certain Royal distance so that she does not become “too common”. She always looks princess perfect – no matter where or when she is seen or photographed. And then there is the fact that she “did what she had to” and gave birth to a lovely boy the first time and now also a girl, helps as well, says Catarina Hurtig.

    Even though “The Princess Disease” hits both princesses by birth and princesses by marriage in Europe, the pressure is hardest on the princess by marriage.

    These commoners have very high demands for themselves in their new lives. Much higher than the demands the princesses by birth have. And then one should not forget that the courts in the European countries control the princess by marriage from the moment they sense that the princes’ relationships with the girls are serious.
    (by Dorte Quist and kindly translated by ambiDK)
    From B.T.'s article
    Requirements of a princess from Catarina Hurtig's book:
    1. Fertile – she must be able to have children
    2. Be a good mother
    3. Interested in fashion and beauty
    4. Able to keep a tight reign on her temperament and always appear in control
    5. Sense of social occasion and like to meet people
    6. Be discreet and able to keep confidences
    7. Be able to talk without being imprudent
    8. Kind and obliging, but at the same keep a certain distance. BUT without appearing cold and arrogant
    9. Show an interest towards the outside world
    10. Able to talk to all kinds of people
    11. Appear warm, soft and accessible
    12. Have a good relationship with her mother-in-law, the Queen
    13. No skeletons in the cupboard, such as embarrassing episodes from her youth
    14. No embarrassing family relations, who make scandals or talk out of place to the press

    Some other links:
    Profession: prinsesse book review in Berlingske Tidende (Danish)
    Art People - books (in Danish about the book)
    Kvinde Guiden (Women's Guide in Danish with info about the book)
    Oestrogen.dk (in Danish about the Swedish princesses Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine)
    Oestrogen.dk (in Danish about Crown Princess Mary)

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    Wednesday 27 June 2007

    Frederik, Mary, Christian & Ziggy out for a walk

    Danish weekly Her & Nu has posted a video clip of Frederik, Mary, Christian, Ziggy and their PET officers, at a discrete distance, out walking in Fredensborg Palace Park recently (no date is given). It even has a very nice bird call sound effect!

    Click here to see the 2:27 video clip. Depending on your internet speed, some may need to be patient while it loads. Click on the image of Fredensborg Palace.

    The cover for this week's issue (out tomorrow) is 'Super mum in top form'. Underneath the video is another link, to Nikolai and Felix on their recent visit to the circus here (4:20). This one also takes a while to load, but it is the late morning visit the boys made to the circus with their nannies when they met animals, went to the circus school room and played on the slide.

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    Tuesday 26 June 2007

    Quick christening news update

  • Prinsessedåben på DR this is about the DR1 TV coverage next Sunday. There will be pre-christening coverage (Prinsessemorgan) from 6:30am to 8:30am and then the christening (Prinsessens dåb) from 8:30am to 12:30pm. The story tells of who will be covering all the bases in DR's coverage and speculates about Lille prinsessens name (aren't we all curious about that one?), how Christian will get on at the christening and whether Marie Cavallier will attend... So many questions!

  • TV2 is getting into the spirit with a guessing competition for Danes to guess, yes, the names! TV2 will have live coverage also.

  • Prinsessen døbes med kongeligt dåbssæt the royal christening font and its various parts are on the way to Fredensborg Palace Church

  • Lille prinsesse lukker Lyngby Storcenter a large shopping centre Lyngby Storcenter will close on Sunday - very unusual - but the manager thinks everyone will stay at home and watch the christening and the employees at the shopping centre want to do the same.

  • From Viborg Stifts Folkeblad Løvel-pige har tegning med på prinsessebluse is about T-shirts which have been made with children's drawings on them as a commemoration of Lilleprinsessen's christening and to raise money for UNICEF.

    The singer and designer Jeanett Debb has released a book and CD in connectionwith the christening of Lillepigen. It has Danish lullabies and a project of T-shirts with childrens drawings, which are inspired by the texts of the lullabies. The drawings have been created by children from all over Denmark.

    The T-shirt will be issued in cooperation with UNICEF.

    According to this Danish report, Jeanett Debb (34) will appear on Australian television in Sydney, in a 2 hour show in relation to Lillepigen's christening (Channel 9, 29 June 2007 - this is not yet in any program published or online, so to be further advised). Jeanett Debb will sing "Mary's Lullaby" in this show.

    Jeanett Debb - available online - Mary's Lullaby

  • Tasmania's gift to Lilleprinsessen has been presented to the Premier of the state Paul Lennon at Parliament House where it will be on exhibit until tomorrow afternoon before being delivered express to Denmark.

    From The Sydney Morning Herald 'Tassie to give bracelet to Mary's girl' (for Aussies, Tassie = Tasmania)

    The gift is a lovely contrast of things typical of Tasmania: nature (the Tasmanian Devils for Copenhagen Zoo for Christian) and craft (the symbolic bracelet for Lille prinsesse).

    Fornem dåbsgave fra Tasmanien Tasmanian gift of a bracelet is on its way to Denmark

  • German TV channel NDR will show a 45 minute highlights program in the afternoon and repeat it late evening (see link and local guides, thanks S!)

  • The guest list, details of the service and so on will not be released before the arrival of the guests at around 10:30am local Danish time.
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    Friday 22 June 2007

    Frederik at Frogman Corps anniversary

    Today Crown Prince Frederik has attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the Navy's Frogman Corps at the Torpedo Station at Kongsøre where the corps' training is based. Frederik was a member of the elite Royal Danish Navy Frogman Corps in 1995 and completed the challenging training. It was from this course that Frederik earned his nickname 'Pingo'.

    for more photos visit Søren Steffen's site


    Thursday 21 June 2007

    Lille prinsesse christening update

  • The little princess will be ten weeks old when she is christened on July 1

  • Her christening in the smaller and cosier Fredensborg Palace Chapel will be more intimate than Christian's larger christening which included "official Denmark" in recognition of his status as heir and future king. Nikolai's christening was in Fredensborg Palace Chapel in November 1999 and there were 154 guests. This christening will be more of a family affair than a state occasion

  • The little princess will have the same royal baptismal font as all other royal children in Denmark since 1671. The font which was made of silver and gilt by craftsmen in Hamburg is normally kept at Rosenborg Castle, the home of the Royal Danish Collections. It will be moved to Fredensborg Palace Chapel from Rosenborg

  • The little Princess is very likely to wear the family christening gown, also worn by Christian. It was ordered to be made for the christening of Prince Christian (b. 1870, later Christian X) by his mother Queen Lovisa, originally Princess of Sweden and married to Frederik VIII. The gown is made of Brussels lace and was ordered from Belgium. Queen Margrethe's grandfather Christian X was the first to be christened in the gown in 1870 and then Margrethe's father Frederik IX in 1899, Frederik's brother Prince Knud, then Margrethe, Benedikte, Anne-Marie, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim and Prince Christian. Prince Joachim's children Nikolai and Felix were christened in a new christening gown specially designed by Henrik Hviid* * Henrik Hviid also designed Alexandra's wedding dress for her marriage to Martin Jørgensen

  • According to a Lithuanian article here (thanks Jisma!) Crown Princess Mary's christening outfit will be a design by Lithuanian designer Juozo Statkevičiaus. In May Juozo Statkevičiaus was invited to Denmark to show Mary his work and do fittings for a few outfits. She had the little princess with her in a carrier during the meeting which he said was a very good designer-client meeting. Mary had remembered him from a fur exhibition in Copenhagen last year and he had given her a copy of his book at the time. This is also now reported by TV2 - Marys nye designer

  • TV2 reports the christening will (as we know) be a smaller christening than Christian's with a luncheon at the Chancellery House afterwards for family and friends. Frederik will leave after the christening for the July 2 beginning of the Farr 40 Open Nordic Championship in Hankø, Norway

  • The bishop of Copenhagen, Erik Norman Svendsen, will officiate at the christening. Bishop Svendsen married Frederik and Mary and christened Prince Christian. See TV2 - Norman Svendsen døber Lillepigen

  • The guest list will not be available until just before the christening, but Norway's Royal Court has published its calendar and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit are attending the christening. They are godparents to Christian and Frederik and Mary attended the Oslo christening of their now 18-month-old son Prince Sverre Magnus

  • The Tasmanian Government will give the little princess a gift of custom-made jewellery symbolic of Tasmania, which is known as the Apple Isle. See The Sydney Morning Herald 'Jewellery gift to mark birth of princess' and news.com.au 'Gift of jewellery for new princess'

  • Some views of the christening gown and the baptismal font when they were exhibited after Christian's christening at the Amalienborg Museum. Museum curator Gerda Petri is shown arranging the robe and the font for the exhibit

  • Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen and Christian's christening at Christiansborg Palace Church:

    What is in store this time? Queen Margrethe shed a tear at Christian's christening:

  • Click on the christening label below or go to the January 2005 archive to re-visit the many posts on Christian's christening
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    Joachim & Alexandra clowning around for a good cause

    We are a little bit behind with our usual posts here at the blog. Real life can be so inconvenient! We will be posting a few things in the next few days to catch up.

    11 June 2007. In spite of their divorce Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra took their two sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, to the local Cirkus Arena near Prince Joachim's residence of Schackenborg Manor in southern Jutland. Alexandra's parents Richard and Christa Manley were also there to enjoy the evening with their grandchildren. The Manley's still live at Schackenborg (see below) and Alexandra stayed overnight with them on the visit for the annual fundraiser by Cirkus Arena for the Children's Cancer Foundation, whose patron is Ghita Nørby, a well known actress in a number of areas including the Danish Royal Theatre.

    Billed Bladet (no. 24, 14 June 2007) reports on the visit to Cirkus Arena by Prince Joachim, Alexandra, Nikolai and Felix. This has been a regular date on their calendar for them for a few years now as a charity fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Foundation. In Nikolai handled the elephant Billed Bladet's Trine Larsen says Nikolai and Felix had an extended weekend with their father because, as tradition dictates, Cirkus Arena was in town.

    ...Although they were to see the show on Monday evening with both their parents, they couldn't wait, so during the day they made an extra circus visit with their nannies.

    And as soon as they had entered the circus compound [they found] ...Cirkus Arena’s elephant trainer, Rene Casselly, was walking the elephants and even though the big animals seemed intimidating, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix were easily persuaded to greet them.

    Prince Nikolai overcame his nervousness and showed he was cool when he let himself be lifted up on the tusk of Tonga the female elephant to play royal circus performer.

    There he sat and even lifted one arm up with a professional air, while brother Felix looked on pretty impressed along with the nannies Merete Metz and Alicia Thunbo, who clapped enthusiastically. After that success it wasn’t hard to persuade Nikolai to also act as a trainer.

    Assisted by Rene Casselly the princes made the big elephant Mambo to stand on its hind legs, so they could stand with the nannies under the elephant that towered above all of them. Even so, elephants are not the favourite circus animals of the two princes.

    “A lion is,” said Prince Nikolai, but as lions are not allowed in Danish circuses, the boys had to be content with a sea lion. First Prince Felix was allowed to squirt water at the sea lion, and then Prince Nikolai did too.

    “It’s fun, but my socks are getting wet,” excliamed Prince Nikolai in the middle of spraying the sea lion...

    “It doesn’t matter, sweety. We’ll just take them off afterwards. It’s so hot... they’ll dry quickly,” comforted the nanny, Merete Matz.

    Prince Nikolai should really have been in school, so that was dealt with by a visit to Cirkus Arena’s school wagon, where the circus children get their lessons. They were luckily let off shortly after, so that the circus kids could show the princes their skills... “Will you try?” asked circus princess Suzanne Berdino.

    “No thank you,” they replied politely. The adventures with elephants, sea lions and a visit to the Alpaca, who got carrots from the princes, were enough. But when the circus kids Patrick and Oliver displayed skills as jugglers, it got Nikolai’s interest again.

    “I like to juggle too,” said Prince Nikolai, and even though he wouldn’t display his skill in public yet, he was of course immediately presented with three clubs, three balls and three rings to take home with him so he could practise. He started doing that quickly on the way home to Schackenborg, until it was interrupted by a trip down the huge inflatable slides where the princes ended an eventful trip to the circus. (by Trine Larsen, translated by Muhler - thanks! - and edited a little)

    In B.T. (15 June 2007) Arne Sorgenfri wrote a story about Alexandra’s parents: Joachim is kind/sweet towards us

    Alexandra’s parents have lived on the estate of their former son-in-law for almost three years, and without problems, they say. Many Danes ask themselves how on earth that is possible.

    Prince Joachim still has his former in-laws living in the porter's lodge in the garden of Schackenborg Slot nearly three years after the break up with Alexandra.

    And how will it end if Joachim some day chooses to marry his French girlfriend Marie Cavallier? Two years after they met the relationship between Joachim and Marie seems to become more and more serious.

    Can the [Marie] tolerate having the parents of Joachim’s ex-wife living so close, if she moves in at Schackenborg one day? So far the relationship between Joachim and his ex-parents-in-law Christa and Richard Manley is both surprisingly hearty and affectionate and completely without problems.

    “Joachim is very kind to us. Very sweet. And our relationship is completely without problems,” says Alexandra’s father, Richard Manley, when B.T. asks how it is to live in the same place as their former son-in-law. Christa Manley nods eagerly in agreement. The relationship with Joachim is without friction.

    At the same time Richard Manley revealed that Alexandra stays with them when she is at Schackenborg Slot as she was last Monday, to take part in Cirkus Arena’s charity show to benefit Børnecancerfonden (Children's Cancer Foundation). [As in the past] Alexandra attended with her ex-husband and the two rinces, Nikolai and Felix.

    Richard Manley suffers from heart problems and also has problems walking. Among other things he didn’t manage to take his daughter to the altar, when she married the film man Martin Jørgensen on March 3. Instead, the princes Nikolai and Felix had that honour.

    There has been speculation that Richard Manley cannot cope moving closer to his daughter in Copenhagen due to his health. But last Monday evening he was clearly well and much happier than he has been for a long time and so he could walk the couple of hundred meters from the manor to the circus without problems supported by his wife.

    “We love Denmark. Especially Southern Jutland," says Richard Manley to B.T. as a sort of explanation as to why they still live at Schackenborg with Joachim. (by Arne Sorgenfri and kindly translated by Muhler)

    Hello magazine 'Exes Joachim and Alexandra reunite to take sons to the circus'

    As always, for all things Alexandra see Lotte Haldrup's Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg website

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    Sunday 17 June 2007

    Marie joins the party: first photos with Crown Prince Couple at christening

    On Saturday (16 June 2007) Frederik, Mary, Christian, Joachim, Marie, Gustav, Carina Axelsson, Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen, among many other guests, were all together at the christening of Josephine Margaretha Victoria Fleming at Valdemar's Castle in Tåsinge, South of Fyn. Crown Princess Mary was godmother. Lille Prinsesse was no doubt nearby. This is the first time we have seen public photos of Marie Cavallier accompanying Prince Joachim and with the Crown Prince Couple.

    Rory David Fleming and his wife, née Baroness Caroline Iuel-Brockdorff, had their second child, Josephine Margaretha Victoria, on 20 December 2006. Caroline Fleming is married to Brit Rory Fleming, the son of Robert Fleming and his wife, Victoria Margaret Aykroyd, and a grandson of Valentine Fleming. Rory Fleming is the nephew and heir of James Bond creator Ian Fleming and the main source of his fortune is the private bank Fleming Family & Partners, headed by his father Robin. Caroline grew up at Valdemar's Castle in Denmark and in Britain. In England she met the multi-millionaire Rory Fleming and they married at a large wedding at Valdemar's Castle in 2002. They share their time between their penthouse home in London, Valdemar's Castle in Denmark (Caroline is the heir) and their place in the Swiss Alps. Daughter Josephine is the second child for the couple, who already have a son, Alexander. In September 2005 Frederik and Mary were at Caroline Fleming's 30th birthday at Valdemar's Slot and the couples have been to other weddings of their friends too. This party was just before Mary went to hospital for early labour pains when she was pregnant with Christian. She was released from hospital and ordered to rest by her doctors until the birth.

    Photos Her&Nu/Kaspar Wenstrup

    more photos:

    Valdemar's Castle home page
    TV2 article 'Baronessen'
    Fyens Stiftstidende - Svendborg 'De unge, smukke og rige' photo of Caroline and Rory Fleming on their wedding day
    B.T. 'Nu er Marie en del af familien' - Now Marie is a part of the family: about the significance of Marie being with Joachim at the christening with Frederik, Mary and Christian.

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