Thursday 17 May 2007

Lillepigen a cover girl

From Billed Bladet (no 19, 10 May 2007) wrote about Lillepigen around the time the official photos were taken by Steen Brogaard. It was the first time she had a Billed Bladet cover all to herself and it is likely to be the first of many. The story Our little charmer: Mary's and Frederik´s own photos of the Princess is by Anna Johanessen:

At sixteen days old and with the dearest look toward out at the world, Denmark’s new little new princess resembles her mother. She is lovely with her dark hair and dark eyes.

Lillepigen, as the crown prince couple call their daughter [affectionate name for 'the little girl' in Danish], is a lovely child and with her dark hair and dark eyes there is no doubt about who she resembles. Mary must have looked this way when she slept in her mother’s arms in Tasmania 35 years ago.
When the little princess was born, Frederik described how he had a lovely daughter with pride in his voice and told about her sweet little mouth, the big eyes and her dark hair. Maybe there was a tendency to curly hair the proud father thought.
When Mary left Righospitalet two days later with her little daughter in her arms, the princess was wearing a cap. Only little wisps stuck out and nobody could see the eyes of the little one because she slept like a log.

But here she is now. Sixteen days old, lovely with big eyes and a little heartshaped mouth. A real charmer, who “doesn’t even know what is in store for her”, as Frederik said after the birth. He said exactly the same when big brother Christian was born.

It is a long time since Denmark has had a princess. Now Lillepigen is here, lovely and fine. At the birth she weighed 3350kgs and measured 50cms and she is growing steadily day by day.

Prince Christian doesn’t say that much to his baby sister yet. To him she is still just “baby”, but as a true big brother he was proud to be photographed with her. Together with dad and mom at home in Kancellihuset. Mary and Frederik beam together with their two little ones. One lovely dark princess and a handsome light haired prince. The make a royal four leaf clover who just love being together.

... and another section of the story by Anna Johannesen: Smile, baby sister

One of the first who saw the little princess after her birth was her big brother and Prince Christian is still very taken with “the baby”, which he calls her. For even though she just lies there and sleeps in her cradle most of the time, he watches closely when she opens her eyes and he often sits with his mother when Mary is nursing the little one. For even though “Lillepigen”, which she is still being called, is the centre of attention right now for the family at Kancellihuset, both Mary and Frederik are very aware that they also have an enjoyable little boy of one and half years who also needs their love.

On the way home from Rigshospitalet the Crown Prince Couple was asked if their children should share a room, and Mary replied that they wouldn’t. "I don’t think so, not more than a couple of nights perhaps." And today, when the little princess is only 20 days old [now older], she is likely to be sleeping just beside her mother.
The Crown Prince Couple by all accounts have a child with a sound need for sleep. The fuss around the official photographing didn’t seem to bother the little princess the least. Most of the time she slept safely on the shoulder of her mother and when she later was tucked back in her cradle, she keep on sleeping with her little hand over the quilt.

Next time the public sees the little princess will be on July 1 when she is being christened in the Palace Chapel of Fredensborg Castle. Which names she will get are only known by Frederik and Mary. And Christian doesn’t care. To him she is still just his sweet little baby.

(Many thanks to Benedikte for translation!)

You can see the official photos here on the blog and here on the The Crown Prince Couple's website

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