Tuesday 15 May 2007

Lillepigen's party

Billed Bladet no. 18 (3 May 2007) reported on the party visitors at the Chancellery House when Mary and Frederik held a baby party Saturday afternoon two weekend ago. Also the Queen paid a visit shortly after Lillepigen returned home and Before she had to go to work.

Queen Margrethe is thrilled that her son and daughter-in-law have added a new little princess to the royal family. The Queen saw the little new one at Rigshospitalet, but on Sunday – eight days after Lillepigen’s birth – the Queen walked from Fredensborg Castle to the Chancellery House to visit her new grandchild, big brother Christian and the new parents, before she had to go to work. Forty five minutes later Margrethe walked back to the castle to prepare herself to attend the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society’s 50th anniversary event in Falkonér Centre at Frederiksberg. During the morning the Queen wore a relaxed summer dress but at the event in the afternoon, she had changed into an appropriate dress for a jubilee. (by Helle Skram de Vries and kindly translated by ambiDK)
From Billed Bladet no. 18 (3 May 2007) Friends at a party for the princess - maternity party at Fredensborg Castle

Exactly a week after the birth, the Crown Prince Couple invited their closest friends to an afternoon maternity party at Fredensborg.

On that Saturday afternoon, Denmark’s new princess met her parents’ closest friends and their children for the first time. Frederik and Mary had invited the closest circle of friends who had been looking forward to seeing the new little new member of the royal family.

One car after another drove up to Fredensborg Castle, and inside each one were excited parents and their children who were looking forward to seeing the princess and wanted to congratulate the happy parents and big brother Christian on the big event. The party went for three hours and then the friends drove home with a smile on their lips. Around 25 friends and their children spent an afternoon at Chancellery House. (by Helle Skram De Fries and thanks to ambiDK for translation)

Not very exciting photos above, but shows it did happen! The vehicles all look the same but, yes, there are different people inside: 1) actress Ellen Hillingsø and her husband Christoffer Castenskjold and their children Thomas Georg and Anna Louise; 2)Jean and Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig with their daughter Ingrid Merete; 3) ballet dancer Rose Gad and her husband Holger Foss with their two sons Hector and Hannibal (Rose Gad has now had her baby, Charlotte); 4) Peter Aandahl and Nina Wedel-Wedelsborg with one of their children 5 year old Thomas; 5) millionaire Peter Bang with his wife Juliane Meulengracht; 6) Rikke Juel Brandt and her husband Michael Brandt with their children; 7) Prince Joachim.

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