Thursday 8 March 2007

Meanwhile, Joachim & Marie had a cosy weekend

Photo of Marie and Joachim from the current issue of Billed Bladet.

Billed Bladet has reported that while Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen were getting married on Saturday, Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier spent time together in Copenhagen. They had a quiet time together after Marie flew into Copenhagen from Geneva. A car was sent to pick her up at the airport and after popping her luggage in the boot she was taken by the driver to meet Joachim at a restaurant near Amalienborg Palace for lunch. Joachim was waiting for her at the Danish institution (literally!), Ida Davidsen's smørrebrøds restaurant.

Monday March 5, 2007 Prince Joachim attended his first official duty since the marriage of his former wife on March 3. Prince Joachim was in Aalborg in Jutland to present awards for a competition for young research students and had fun talking to them about their experiements. Prince Joachim is patron of the Young Researchers and presented the awards at this year's competition This year there were more than 1600 participants, which was 60 per cent more than in 2006.
B.T. online 'Joachim så brylluppet' says Prince Joachim avoided questions about Alexandra's marriage, but did say he had seen it on television

Added photos above and story below:

From Billed Bladet 9 March 2007:

Joachim and Marie together in Copenhagen

“We’re just having a cosy (hyggelig) weekend together. It will be leisurely and quiet, and down to earth,” said Prince Joachim, after he and girlfriend Marie Cavallier had enjoyed a good Danish lunch at a restaurant near Amalienborg. Just an hour prior to that Marie Cavallier had touched down in Copenhagen after flying from Geneva in Switzerland.
She was one big smile when she stepped out of the arrival gate to meet the driver who had been send to the airport to pick her up.
“Hi, please excuse me, I really have to hurry. There is someone I have to meet,” said Marie before she placed her suitcase in the trunk and sat in the passenger seat of a big Volvo. Then she was driven to Ida Davidsen’s smorgasbord-restaurant, where Joachim was waiting with herring, liver pâté and other good things from Danish cuisine. The cosy (hyggelig) lunch took place the day before Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen’s wedding, which Joachim and Marie didn't attend, although they had been invited to the late part of the party on Saturday evening. However they did use the opportunity to visit Jomfruens Egede. Joachim and Marie drove to Southern Zealand to congratulate Martin Jørgensen on his 29th birthday (the day before the wedding) and to wish the bridal couple good luck on their big day. In addition Joachim retrieved the key to the locked Øster Egede Kirke after it had been left in Copenhagen by accident. Joachim stepped in and brought back so that the door to the church could be opened. Joachim and Marie had a drink with the bridal-couple-to-be before returning to Copenhagen (the key story is still not quite clear).
On the wedding day itself Joachim and Marie chose to stay away from Jomfruens Egede in order not to steal too much of the attention. Instead they spent time together, just as Prince Joachim had said. Just the two of them. In peace and quiet at Amalienborg Slot.
They did spend some of Saturday afternoon and evening in following the TV coverage of the events at Jomfruens Egende. Apart from that, they learned more about the wedding the day after Alex and Martin’s party when they met up with mutual friends on Sunday afternoon. Joachim and Marie met friends Peter and Henriette Steenstrup, who were at the wedding. (According to Billed Bladet friends of the Danish royals Roger Moore and his wife Kiki were also invited, but they could not attend.)
Other mutual friends of Joachim and Alexandra were also at the pre-wedding/birthday lunch on Friday along with Marie and Joachim. At the table in Ida Davidsen’s smorgasbord restaurant was the daily manager of the restaurant, Oscar Siesbye, and Alexandra’s brother-in-law Jason Baird, with whom Joachim has a very good relationship. Both Oscar, Britt (wife of Oscar) and Jason were among the guests who arrived early and went to both at the ceremony and the party.
“As I said before, we hope for a little peace and quiet during the weekend. And I do think we will get that,” said Joachim after the last sandwich had been eaten.
Nearly all the attention from the world media and others who were interested was focused on southern Zealand and the big wedding. So Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier had the opportunity to enjoy the weekend as a completely ordinary couple. Without being disturbed they could stroll hand in hand and visit a café to drink a cup of coffee.
Such a couple of days filled with love was what both of them needed. They hadn’t seen each other since the winter holiday, where Marie was host for Joachim, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix in Villars-Sur-Ollon in Switzerland. There was plenty to talk about and the two of them were chatting enthusiastically to catch up.
Marie left no doubt that the weekend in Denmark was a success when she was ready to board the plane taking her back to Switzerland.
“Joachim and I have had a couple of really good days together. Really good. And I look forward to coming back,” said Marie with a bif smile before she waved goodbye.
Written by the French-speaking Ulrik Ulriksen and Anna Johannesen of Billed Bladet who also mentioned Marie left her dog Apple at home.

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