Sunday 4 March 2007

Alexandra is married...

Prince Joachim was invited it seems, but he declined it seems out of consideration for the newlyweds (and their "new start" perhaps?). We will have more coverage at the end of the week when the Danish magazines publish their specials on the wedding.

From Madeleine Glinforf's website
Wedding of Alexandra & Martin Part 1
Wedding of Alexandra & Martin Part 2 (thanks Madeleine!)

VG Nett- Grevinne Alexandra gift med kameramann (Norway)
Side 2 - Ofret tittel for kjærlighet (Norway) scroll down to see inside the little church of Øster Egede
B.T. photo gallery

Please continue to see all things Alexandra at Lotte Haldrup's site now titled The Unofficial Website Alexandra Countess Of Frederiksborg and much more (the internet address is the same as before but since these things can take a while to reorganise Lotte will be changing it in the future - we will post any changes here)

Added: Hello magazine Radiant Alexandra ties the knot with her prince charming

TV2 video clip (1:45) - before the ceremony, the wedding venue
TV2 video clip (1:18) - arrival of guests
TV2 video clip (2:32) - wrap of the day video clip (2:17) - the arrival of the bride and her sons video clip (1:58) - photo call after the ceremony
(a big thanks to jema and to santa!)

From B.T. 3 March 2007:

Alexandra got her Martin

Denmark has one princess less now. At the same time as the 42 year old Alexandra said yes to her 29 year old Martin on Saturday afternoon in the idyllic Øster Egede Kirke, she renounced the princess title – and is now ranked as Countess of Frederiksborg.
Alexandra arrived at the church in a grand dress with veil, designed by 42 year old Henrik Hviid, and as expected beforehand, champagne coloured. In one hand she held seven year old Prince Nikolai in the other, four year old Prince Felix.
The small princes matched their mother wearing light trousers, white shirts and nougat-coloured jackets.
She seemed to be in good spirits and briefly said to the many at the church door, “We’ll be back.”
Martin Jørgensen arrived as planned with the best man, his photographer friend through many years, Erik Refner.
The marriage itself was performed by Queen Margrethe's and Prince Henrik’s good and close friend, Peter Parkov.
After the marriage the couple came out holding hands accompanied by the bell music of the church. Martin Jørgensen held his wife in his right hand, and the little Prince Felix in the left, while Alexandra held Prince Nikolai’s hand.
At about the same time Alexandra’s name vanished form the webpage of the DRF.
The many onlookers also saw the first kiss – and that naturally aroused cheers.
Alexandra’s first comment to the press was “It’s nice to by married. And it’ll be nice to get some peace and quiet.”
To the question as to whether the couple should have children her cryptic answer was “Who knows?”
In contrast to the big royal wedding in 1995, where Alexandra said yes to Joachim, royals from all over Europe naturally did not take part, nor did heads of state.
Speculations as to whether Prince Joachim and his new girlfriend would be present in the church were quickly dispelled.
Even though Prince Joachim and Alexandra’s new husband are very much on speaking terms, it would probably have been a bit odd, if he had shown up.
But there were many other prominent guests.
Among the 90 invited to the church was naturally Alexandra’s close relatives, father and mother Christa and Richard Manley, he waving his cane, and her sisters who had come a long way.
Martin Jørgensen’s mother and father, Jane and Jacob Jørgensen was placed on the front row with siblings of the groom.
Among the guests we also saw Alexandra’s close friend Charlotte Sparre and her husband Jens Willumsen, Oscar Davidsen Siesbye with wife and the sister Mia Davidsen Lilholst. Who was accompanied by her husband Joakim. (*)
Henriette Zobel, who had also been present at some of the small princes' birthdays, was among the prominent, along with the boyfriend Henning Daverne.
And of course Mark Patterson, just turned 40, who by the way had received the honourable task of toastmaster at the wedding party in the evening at Jomfruens Egede.
He had his beautiful wife, Mie Egmont Petersen (Crown Prince Frederik’s ex-girlfriend) by his side.
Trine Gregorius with the husband Peter Sterup, who are both good friends of the father of Martin Jørgensen. Nina Wedell Wedellsborg, Johan Wedell Wedellsborg, Marine of Rosenborg, the musician Chris Minh Doky and wife Tanja and attorney Christian Scherfig, was also among the guests.
After the wedding ceremony the 90 invited guests went from the church to Jomfruens Egede nearby, where additionally 30 guests were waiting.

(*) Several of the guests are also close friends of Joachim.

From B.T. 3 March 2007

There will never be a last kiss

Relief and happiness radiated from Alexandra when she yesterday – finally – could show her love for Martin Jørgensen to the whole world.
“A last kiss,” yelled the representatives of the press after she had kissed her beloved at least ten times.
“No,” she answered “There will never be a last kiss….” At least not between the two of them it was understood.
The smile of Martin Jørgensen could reach all four corners of the world.
“Fantastic,” he repeated again and again, while he looked like a man who hadn’t quite realised that it is now HE, who is the prince on the white horse.
Dressed in a dress coat and with a somewhat unsure gait/walk – as if intoxicated by the emotions by the altar, which takes over most men at the sight of their bride – he went out in front of the crowd. With Alexandra (and the princes) by his side, and clearly uncomfortable with intense attention.
“Did your cry, Martin?” it was shouted to him.
No reply.
But when the question was repeated the third time, a little, meek “maybe” was uttered.
She looked stunning, porcelain-like and beautiful in her champagne-coloured dress with white pearls in the ears and a big white pearl as necklace.
“The highlight? That was when we said yes to each other. That was lovely. Lovely,” she repeated and showed off her wedding ring. A white gold ring adorned all the way around with small diamonds – and the engagement ring on the other hand, a huge oval diamond with sparkling smaller brilliants surrounding it.

(thanks for the translations Muhler!)

From Jyllands-Posten:

The princess and the cameraman

By The Copenhagen Post

The royal house is one member smaller, but for one man the fairytale has just begun.
In the fairytales, it is the prince - disguised as a beast or a frog - who waits until the last minute to reveal his true identity.
In real life, however, the story is slightly different. Denmark's Princess Alexandra shed her royal title Saturday, as she re-married in a private ceremony in Øster Egede Church, in the town of Fakse, an hour south of Copenhagen.
Now known as Countess Alexandra Christina, the former princess married cameraman Martin Jørgensen, 28, in a ceremony attended by 90 guests - and watched from the sidelines by over 100 members of the press.
Alexandra Christina Manley, 42, a native of Hong Kong and a successful business woman became Princess Alexandra in 1995, when she married Queen Margrethe's younger son, Prince Joachim. The couple divorced 10 years later, though Alexandra remained a princess and a member of the royal family until she said 'I do' Saturday.
She retains the personal title Countess of Frederiksborg, which was bestowed upon her by the Queen in 2005.
Prince Joachim and his former wife share custody of their two sons, Prince Nikolai, 6, and Prince Felix, 4, and reportedly remain on good terms. Prince Joachim was invited to Saturday's ceremony, but declined out of concern that he would steal attention from the newlyweds.JP

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