Saturday 10 March 2007

Frederik 'christened' by King Neptune

All photos by Esben Nielsen/POLFOTO

Crown Prince Frederik has been christened on the Vædderen according to the sailor's tradition when crossing the Equator. Frederik's new name is "The Kissing Frog" and his bodyguard, who is from Bornholm, has been named the "The Bornholmian Frog Guard".

These photos were taken yesterday as the Vædderen sails through the Panama Canal on its way to the Atlantic. Frederik talks with Karen Marie Hillingsøe and another crew member about their projects. (photos Esben Nielsen/POLFOTO)
(thanks santa and cph!)

Jyllands-Posten video clip on board the Vædderen and Crown Prince Frederik's arrival

Politiken video clip (in Danish) but a great view of George the giant Galapagos tortoise

Politiken video links here you can access the video clips by the scientists and researchers on board the Vædderen

Galathea 3 photo gallery from the Galapagos Islands

Galathea 3 article (in Danish) 'Rart at se militær og forskning gå i spænd' about Frederik on board the expeditionary ship and a brief summary:

Good to see the Military and Science working together

By Else Boelskifte
The Pacific, Panama
The sponsor of the Expedition, Crown Prince Frederik, finds it aggravating that the expedition has been critized for not being better at communicating the results...
»One could wish that the ordinary citizen had the opportunity to get a stay on board, but you can get a lot by logging onto the internet to read all the good stuff about what's going on the ship,« he says.
The Crown Prince admits that the fact that readers have to log onto the internet may be a limitation for some, but the possibility is there.
»To me it has been a positive experience to be together with two school students from Espergærde who are on board at the moment. They are a boy and a girl, who have been fascinated and will never forget this trip and the impressions they have had here. They have got a lot downloaded onto the big harddisk,« he says. (the project records)...

As well as the Politiken site you can also check Galathea 3 news on Jyllands Posten (in Danish - scroll down for the latest links)

JydskeVestkysten 'Galathea: Kronprinsen er levende interesseret' and an excerpt:

Galathea: The Crown Prince has a lively interest
Yes! Crown Prince Frederik exclaimed in triumph!
Frederik had put a question to one of the scientists on Galathea 3 for which she had no ready answer. It was "How come octopusses can breath in oxygen-poor waters when other sea animals cannot?"

JydskeVestkysten 'Galathea: Jeg lystrer navnet Frederik'

Galathea: I answer to the name Frederik

Henriette Pilegaard , JydskeVestkystens aboard the Vædderen:
Crown Prince Frederik came on board again, after having had three days cruise around the Galapagos Islands in a trimaran...
All 99 people on board had an inspection in the hangar according to boat practice and then afterwards there was a round of presentations, because many new expeditioners were signing on.
From Frederik, "I am the Crown Prince and I answer to the name of Frederik. I am already glad to be here," were the words from the only one on board who had portraits of his parents hanging in the mess...

Berlinske Tidende (in Danish) 'Logbog dag 212: Medlevende kronprins' interview with Frederik by Henriette Pilegaard.

Note: We have had some messages indicating some confusion about Frederik's location. He is not in Miami where a substitute helmsman is sailing Nanoq in the current competition there. The strict Farr 40 rules allow for helmsmen to be absent from two events per year and a substitute is organised no less than two weeks before competition begins, although the owner and or/helmsman is still listed in relation to the boat. Nanoq and crew needs lots of practice for the Farr 40 World Championships to be held in Denmark in late summer this year. See the Farr 40 Scandinavian/Baltic schedule for a busy summer culminating in the World Championships in late August in Copenhagen.

Latest: Jyllands Posten logbook (in Danish) 'Regnskoven rundt om hjørnet' Frederik has now left the Vædderen and Prince Henrik is on the ship. Henrik sat on the bridge with the captain and the Canal's pilot as the ship passed through the gates of the canal. There was a mini-expedition into the Panamanian rainforest which was a parallel of the 1952 Galathea 2

Another addition: Hello magazine 'Prince Frederik of Denmark becomes Galapagos ranger'

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Great photos but how about some more of baby Prince Christian please, have not seen any for ages
thank you

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hi nell!

We like pics of Christian too, but we can only post what is available. As far as we know Christian hasn't been seen since he was in Verbier with his parents.
It is something to look forward to seeing him, and he already has to "perform" quite a lot considering he is only a baby, don't you think?

DRWs :)


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