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Wednesday 28 February 2007

Alexandra & Martin: recent media wrap

Here are some stories about Alexandra. There has been a lot of speculation about guests, the Danish media is treating it as a big story, we have much more to come....

Billed Bladet (No. 7, 17 February 2007) has a feature by Annelise Weimann titled:

Goodbye to gala princess

No one will expect that in the future Princess Alexandra will be invited for the grand New Year court at Amalienborg Palace each year on January 1, and she will have fewer opportunities to go to the exclusive dinners held when there are official visits from abroad. Chief of Court Ove Ullerup has made that clear in the week after the news about Princess Alexandra’s new marriage emerged.
“It will naturally have consequences that Princess Alexandra no longer is a member of the royal house. On the official as well as on the formal level we will see her much less,” says the chief of court. He has for a long time been involved in the considerable planning needed in connection with the Princess’ new marriage.
Princess Alexandra left the Danish royal family on 8 April 2005, when the divorce from Joachim was affirmed and in 16 days [now 9 days] she is no longer member of the royal house either. It a situation Alexandra has herself wished for, but it will have consequences for her which will be felt.
One of the more important days in the royal year is the New Year court which Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik have the day after New Years Eve. Here the government is invited along with the top officials of Denmark. Princess Alexandra has attended every single year since she came to Denmark, at Prince Joachim side until 2005 and in the last two years as a guest. That’s over now.
Billed Bladet's Annelise Weimann asked “Princess Alexandra will still have her Order of the Elephant, doesn’t that mean, Ove Ullerup, that she will go to the New Year court?”
“Not at all. Count Ingolf and Count Christian of Rosenborg both have the Order of the Elephant, and neither of them go to the court.”
“But Mærsk McKinney Møller does?”
“Yes, but he has received his order as a private individual. The civilian citizens who have the Order of the Elephant have always attended.”
Some of the largest parties at Christiansborg Palace are held when foreign heads of state pay official visits to Denmark. That will happen the next time on 9 - 11 May, when the Swedish reigning couple and Crown Princess Victoria pay a visit. Neither at the state dinner, held by the Queen or at the return dinner held by the Swedish King, shall we expect to see Alexandra. That would be way too awkward, as Alexandra hardly can be invited without her husband, and the Queen probably has no desire to invite Martin Jørgensen to one of the grandest dinners she will have this year.
Even though the new situation is notable for what is happening among the adults, everyone wishes that Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix will be affected as little as possible by the new changes in their lives.
“There will be no change in regard to the children.” confirmed the Chief of Court, Ove Ullerup.
“Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra have shared custody and that will not change. The status of the children and their place in the line of succession for the throne will also continue as before.”
The children will however probably notice that their mother no longer attends private birthdays in the Danish royal family. Princess Alexandra has so far been invited for several annual important days, but that will hardly be the case in the future. If the children for instance are invited to their grandmother’s birthday (meaning the Queen), it will only be with their father and not their mother. No etiquette demands that the two Princes bring both their mother as well as their father along. Luckily the first big occasion where both Alexandra and Prince Joachim ought to be present is five to six years in the future when Prince Nikolai will be confirmed. Both Prince Joachim and his mother will naturally attend, the Regent Couple will no doubt attend the confirmation of their oldest grandchild. If a lunch is held afterwards Alexandra's house at Svanemøllevej, it is most likely that Margrethe and Henrik will decline, but if Prince Joachim invites the guests to his apartment at Amalienborg, then everyone – including Martin Jørgensen – can attend.
In that case, it would be Martin's first official visit to Amalienborg. He was present when Prince Joachim held a New Year party at the palace less than two months ago, but that was not an official party.
“So far, decisions are being made case by case as each new situation comes along. There is no manuscript for how to handle a royal divorce and a new marriage,” points out press chief Lis Frederiksen, and she adds “We have no particular schedule or plan, the royal family has not wished to do that.”
However, in the end only one person decides, and that’s the Queen. Everyone knows that. So far she has not wished to comment on Princess Alexandra’s new marriage and neither has Prince Henrik.
“I won't say anything about Princess Alexandra,” replies the Prince Consort when asked.

Some notes from our trusty translator:
* The protocol at the DRF regarding ceremony such as who sits where, tradition and ritual, who is greeted in what order and so on, is very strict! The reason according to Queen Margrethe is that no one is considered to be a favourite and no one can feel snubbed when everyone is treated strictly according to protocol.
* A note in Billed Bladet also states that Princess Alexandra will keep her diplomatic passport. She will not be issued a “common” passport. The reason for that is that Princes Nikolai and Felix both have diplomatic passports and it would be impractical and odd if their mother didn’t have one.
* Since the divorce Princess Alexandra has also been issued with the health-insurance-card issued to everyone living or working in Denmark. The DRF have their own appointed doctors.
* Alexandra will also receive the child allowance from the state for Nikolai and Felix, just like any other Danish residents. That will amount to about 5.700 DKK every three months. On top of that comes the maintenance payment from Joachim and the appanage from the state, which to some extent can also be considered child maintenance payment.

From Billed Bladet (No.7, 18 February 2007) by Annelise Weimann:

Wedding at a grand manor

A manor worthy of a true princess will be the backdrop for Princess Alexandra’s wedding on March 3 to Martin Jørgensen. The couple have chosen Jomfruens Egede near Fakse for the wedding party. A few metres away is the idyllic Øster Egede Kirke, where Alexandra and Martin are to be married, so the bridal couple and about 120 guests will not have far to go to the party.

The wedding preparations have been going on for some time and Martin and Alexandra have long since visited Jomfruens Egede and approved the whole arrangement. Niels Peter Schack-Eyber oversees the manor and is a good acquaintance of the bridal couple to be and, on top of that, he is an excellent cook. He has therefore put together an exquisite wedding menu which the bridal couple to be has already test-eaten and approved.

Jomfruens Egede, which in the past years has been transformed into a manor hotel to be rented for large parties is the idyllic setting for a romantic wedding. Apart from the ten fantastic bedrooms, where the nearest family are to spend the night, there is a very beautiful wedding suite in the manor. Here Alexandra and Martin are to spend their first night as proper man and wife. The suite, with classical style, suits the modern furnishing well, and makes the place an exquisite experience, which not least appeals to Princess Alexandra. She is very interested in interior decoration as she was herself in charge of the furnishing of the many rooms when Schackenborg Inn went through a major renovation some years ago.

Even though the 120 wedding guests already had a pre-warning about the marriage and the party afterwards, the official invitations have not yet been posted [by now they no doubt have]. But it won’t be long. There is after all only sixteen days [now 3 days] to the wedding, which will be Alexandra’s final goodbye to the DRF. From then on she is on her own and the security protection she has had since her arrival in Denmark in 1995 from PET (Politiets Efterretnings Tjeneste), will be withdrawn. The wedding will thus be the last occasion for the security details to look after Alex. It is expected that her wedding to Martin will gather quite a crowd, so PET has decided to show up to ensure that everything will go quietly and smoothly.

After her marriage Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg will discontinue eight out of the 24 patronages she has had up to now. It was inevitable that some patronages would alter their arrangements, but Alexandra keeps 16 patronages which will ensure we will still see her out and about.
Berlingske Tidende - 'Alexandra skipper protektioner'

Many thanks Muhler!

Also, see Lotte Haldrup's Alexandra website for everything Alexandra.

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Joachim & Marie: recent media wrap

Here is a look back at the recent articles published in Billed Bladet and Her&Nu about Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier. The writing is a tad soppy, but this is how some of the media which is covering this story choose to do it. There is no shortage of desire for a wedding for this pair from the media!

Billed Bladet's (No. 7, 15 February 2007) Ulrik Ulriksen reported on Joachim and Marie in Switzerland. According to Ulriksen, spirits were high right from the first morning of the skiing holiday in front of the chalet in Switzerland where Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier were staying with the Princes Nikolai and Felix. It didn't take long before all four took the ski lift up to one of the peaks where they put on skis and whistled down the slopes.
As the experienced skier she is, Marie took the lead, while Prince Joachim coached little Felix between his knees, with Nikolai following along side. And, it may well be Marie's skiing ability earned some 'cred' with the boys. And so it was a very happy little family on a skiing holiday which Billed Bladet met during one of the breaks on the slopes.
For the first time all four were together on holiday in the part of Switzerland where Marie grew up. In the early nineties Marie lived in the area of the town Villars-sur-Ollon while she attended boarding school. It is also where her stepfather Christian Grassiot and mother Françoise have an exclusive cabin in the ten million DKK class.
“Good day gentlemen. What a lot snow falling today. But it’s alright, I think the boys are handling it well. We don’t know the place so well. Have never been here before, but then we have a good guide in Marie,” said a cheerful Prince Joachim.
Ulriksen asked “Prince Joachim and Miss Cavallier, as you may be able to guess, there is one particular question begging to be asked. Are you ready to answer?”
“I’m not quite sure. You may prepare yourself for no comments,” said Prince Joachim, while Marie nodded in agreement. (Joachim is very formal and polite and uses the formal 'you', which is not very common in Danish speakers these days.)
In a game of cat and mouse Ulriksen asks “Who of you is the better skier?”
“Ha, ha… oh, is that it. Well, but isn’t that pretty obvious to everyone. There seems to be little doubt that Marie is the better one,” was the reply from Prince Joachim.
“Now, now, Joachim. You are pretty good too. He really is good at skiing. But it’s not surprising I am good on skis. I’ve practically grown up on skis in this area and it’s nice to be where I really feel at home. It is also nice to show it to Joachim and the boys. They look like they like it!” said Marie Cavallier.
The cat pounces and Ulriksen asks “How about your common future, is an engagement on the way?”
“About our future plans and a possible engagement we still have no comments. Marie and I have chosen to keep that to ourselves. But as you can see, we are feeling good. There is probably no more to say about that,” replied Prince Joachim (the word Joachim used means possible but not a definite eventual).
Ulriksen tries again “From where I stand, it does look as if you have a future together, don’t you think that yourselves?”
“Thank you very much. That was kindly said. But shouldn’t we leave it at that. We have no further comments,” Joachim replied now laughing out loud, which had a wonderful contagious effect on Marie.
Ulriksen works a metaphor and writes: it may be that Joachim and Marie preferred to talk about skiing in pairs on the slopes, but their entire behaviour said the couple have started skiing in a private and rather serious way. There is no doubt that they have a bright future together since Marie has to a caertain extent been introduced as a kind of family member to Joachim’s children as well as several of those closest to him.
Also, Marie’s handling of the role as ski-guide with particular care for the little ski Princes Nikolai and Felix, spoke more than words can. She is fond of the boys and they of her. Indeed, there was nothing even resembling a protest when Marie affectionately took hold of an unruly Nikolai when the small family posed for a photo 2000 metres above sea level in deep sparkling white snow.
Many believe that the way has been paved for Joachim and Marie after Princess Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen have announced their wedding this spring. Something suggests that Joachim and Marie are pleased with that. They certainly seemed happy that they finally can show that they love each other.
“Dad, I want to go down that hill now,” Prince Nikolai said suddenly in the middle of it all, and he sped off as if shot from a canon.
“Thank you, I’d better go after him,” said Prince Joachim, and went with Felix between the knees to follow Nikolai, who is already good on skis. Late last year Nikolai showed promise on skis when on holiday in Val Thorens in France, where Marie was also present, although she did not meet Felix on that occasion.
Marie stayed a little while and while she prepared for more skiing, she commented on the wedding which all of Denmark anticipates, of Alexandra and Martin.
“I’m happy for Alexandra and Martin. It’s positive for them. I don’t know them so well, but I’m naturally happy for such a joyous occasion. They look happy together. It is however most important for me to see Joachim happy. As long as he is happy, I’m happy. It’s great to be with him. As to whether I will go to Denmark on the occasion of the marriage between Alexandra and Martin, I have no comment. Well, I have to run along. I’ll have to make sure that everything is ready for a lunch we will be having in a cabin nearby. That will by cosy (hyggeligt),” said Marie and waved goodbye.
The winter holiday has been good family time on the slopes of the mountains during the daytime, while the evenings were spent by the fireplace in the cabin, where Joachim, Marie and the boys stayed together. They weren’t quite alone though. Joachim’s close friend from school, Peter Stenstrup and his family, were there too. Marie knows them from several occasions now including the New Year party at Amalienborg.
Mr and Mrs Stenstrup also brought along two children, their sons August and Malthe. As August is at the same age as Nikolai and Malthe is the same as Felix it, was perfect. While the children played, the adults could quietly enjoy a goodnight drink and a chat about the day in the snow.
Marie also had time to show them around the town she knows so well. On a couple of evenings she gave a guided tour of the modest but funny nightlife in the ski resort, located just a couple of hours from Geneva. First and foremost Marie and Joachim used their holiday with the children to get to know each other even better.
The article also tells us that Marie also took her little dog Apple along in her backpack on this occasion, but she doesn't take Apple with her when she is doing serious skiing.

From HER&NU (No. 7, 17 February 2007) Kirsten Balslev writes, probably from Denmark with story tips from the photographer who did the HER&NU exclusives, as there are no quotes:

Marie melts Joachim’s heart

Not since the engagement to Alexandra have we seen Prince Joachim, age 37, so uncontrollably glad, so in love and so sparklingly happy as this last weekend when with Prince Nikolai, age 7, and Prince Felix, age 4, he threw himself into a wild snowball fight with his French girlfriend Marie Cavallier, age 31, in Villars-sur-Ollon, 120 kilometres from Geneva in Switzerland.

It is probably Princess Alexandra’s upcoming wedding that has given Prince Joachim the courage to come forward with his great love, Marie, whom he hugged and held hands with during the entire photo shoot with Her&Nu, except when he wasn’t throwing a snowball.

Nikolai and Felix are jubilant about being in the snow with their father and his girlfriend, who no doubt has seen the two Princes several times recently. The boys are so comfortable with her that you might think that she had been a part of the family for a long time. As the most natural thing in the world, Felix puts his hand in Marie’s while Nikolai throws himself in the snow. He is having winter holiday from Krebs School this week, where the couple together with the boys, the nanny and a couple of friends have rented a ski lodge at the winter skiing resort where Marie has come for many years. Marie knows everyone in town and the inhabitants know her, but do not recognise the Danish Prince.

From town the small family ride on a small train up to the slopes and ski when the weather allows it. They have also used the opportunity to have lunch with Marie’s parents who have a cabin nearby. In the evening they have eaten out and Felix and Nikolai have been spoiled with pizza. For Joachim and Marie the appetite seems to have been greater for love and kisses than for beef and burgers, because they have problems keeping their eyes from each other and Marie frequently cuddles up to her 'dream prince'.

Love has been victorious. Marie has melted Joachim’s heart and it can hardly be long before he is engaged to the beautiful French girl and abducts her to Schackenborg, so that life will again return to the marsh [Schackenborg Estate is near marshland in southern Jutland near the German border]. She loves him. She has never concealed that. And Joachim does not hide that he loves her too. Kirsten Balslev/HER&NU

And again from HER&NU (No. 7, 18 February 2007) Kirsten Balslev has interviewed an historian, Jes Fabricius Møller:

Marie and Joachim can live together

By moving in with her partner and announcing her wedding with Martin Jørgensen, Princess Alexandra has cleared the way for Prince Joachim.
“Prince Joachim and his girlfriend can just move in together and see how things work out," says historian Jes Fabricius Møller from the University of Copenhagen.
It not unthinkable that Prince Joachim might ask his girlfriend, Marie Cavallier, to move in with him at Schackenborg.
“Prince Joachim can easily maintain a longlasting relationship with Marie without having to formalise it with an engagement or wedding,” he says, and bases that on the DRF being more liberally minded than supposed in regard to royal partners.
“They have for instance have had no problems with Princess Elisabeth having had several relationships without marrying, and as Crown Prince Frederik already has a son, Joachim and his family will soon get the same relationship to the DRF as Prince Knud and his family has,” believes Jes Fabricius Møller.
Kirsten Balslev: “Do you think Marie will get the title of princess if she marries Prince Joachim?”
"I cannot imagine that, but that’s something the Queen decides. Prince Joachim will no doubt retain his prince title, as will his sons Nikolai and Felix also. Neither the Queen nor Frederik will change that. But as there are now so many heirs to the throne, Joachim's and Marie’s relationship will not influence the line of succession. Any children they may have will step in behind Crown Prince Frederik, the Crown Prince Couples' children. Prince Joachim, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix and so also Marie are unlikely to become heirs to the throne, so she will, in contrast to Alexandra – who gave birth to two heirs to the throne before Frederik got married – probably have to settle for a title as countess. Joachim has his own business at the manor. He’s doing business and my guess is that he is pretty free to do whatever he wants, because it is not supposed that his possible second wife will be in the centre of things in the DRF. There is no room for that in the DRF and that’s why I assess that he is in no hurry to get married.”
Kirsten Balslev: “What happens if Joachim still has an irresistible urge to propose to his chosen one?”
“Then I hope he will consult his mother, the Queen, partly because she is wise, and partly because it is important for Joachim’s sweetheart to know in advance what role she is to play as the wife to the youngest son of the Queen.”
Kirsten Balslev: “Will it be a big wedding if Joachim chooses to marry Marie?”
“We don’t know. The media immediately looks forward to a big wedding and engagement even if Joachim only holds a girl’s hand. My guess is that a possible second wedding will be held locally, either at Schackenborg or perhaps in France, where also Christian X married by the way [grandfather to Margrethe]. Of course it will take place with a huge media contingent and with the nearest family of the couple and with cousins and so on, but not with the heads of states from all over Europe.”
Kirsten Balslev: “Will Marie, just like Princess Alexandra, receive a lifelong appanage if she divorces Prince Joachim after a few years of marriage?”
“Marie will not be able to get the same benefits as Alexandra. Her part of the estate would be taken from Prince Joachim’s own means. The court has handled Joachim's and Alexandra’s divorce wisely. The internal conflicts are as far as possible kept from the public eye, and Alexandra’s loyalty to the DRF has been maintained. But Marie will not be able to get the same privileged status,” Jes Fabricius Møller determines. Kirsten Balslev/HER&NU

This interview raises some interesting points to ponder and comment on. First, the Queen is dedicated to the Danish Lutheran Church and is unlikely to be happy if Joachim took the 'bohemian path'. Joachim also seems to be a man unlikely not to want to 'do the right thing'. And what of Joachim's future wife? Does she not deserve the happiness of marriage and possibly children? Also, there might be public pressure for marriage, even though Danish society in general is not prudish about such things. Princess Elisabeth is a very different case to Joachim. He is the son of a reigning monarch and acts as regent, he is currently third in succession to the throne and represents Denmark. Princess Elisabeth is none of these (she was the grandaughter of a reigning monarch, and a favouite of her grandfather Christian X). Should Joachim marry again, there is no reason why his wife should not be a princess, indeed it would be rather an insult if she were not. Prince Joachim still has many years of royal duty before him. Prince Christian will not assume a more prominant role for many years to come. Even after Christian turns eighteen, he and any sibling(s) will be involved in education and other training for the royal life before them. Jes Fabricius Møller has not factored in the importance of church to the DRF or of family. If we judge by current practices, and even historical ones too, then we can assume that family and the opportunity to celebrate it will always be a part of how the DRF do things. Therefore, Nikolai and Felix and any other children Joachim has will always be part of the royal fold, even if they are living mostly private lives with careers when they are older.

And, many thanks to ... Muhler!

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A moment to catch up...

We are just taking a moment to say we are unfortunately a little behind in posting, and we will now post some catch ups on Joachim and Marie Cavallier and Alexandra and Martin. As many of our readers know, we do this in our spare time and sometimes real life and technical problems and, yes, weather, gets in the way of posting.

We would not be able to give the details from the Danish media without the translating efforts of Muhler, who diligently translates great quantities of material for us every week. We are also indebted to cph who also gives us access to a lot of Danish media material.

Others also provide fantastic support and information in many different ways, including santa, gudinde, ambiDK, potter, jema, Leonie, Riki, bonsai, mayflower, Sissi, Sternchen, Valentine, Benedickte, Gattica, elizabeth, commoner, Lotte Haldrup, and many, many more. So, thanks to all, we have a busy time ahead with Alexandra's marriage, and then not too far away, the birth of Mary's and Frederik's second child...

Tuesday 27 February 2007

Frederik and Mary receive gift

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have received a deed of gift from Flemming Borreskov, CEO of Realdania, at Amalienborg Palace. The money will be used to decorate the garden at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg by artists chosen by the couple.

Added: The Copenhagen Post

By appointment to the Royal Danish Court

Ten young artists have been chosen by the Crown Prince and Princess to decorate their palace

The renovation of Christian VIII's Palace in Copenhagen has given its future residents - Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary - the opportunity to re-institute the tradition of commissioning artists to decorate royal residences.

The Royal Couple has chosen ten young artists to put the finishing touches on a DKK 30 million (EUR 4 million) project to renovate the palace, which dates from 1758.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have emerged as significant patrons of the arts, and experts said being asked to participate was 'the most prestigious' thing a Danish artist could be called to do.

'This isn't just a matter of creating art that is contemporary with the Royal Couple,' said Flemming Borreskov, managing director of the Realdania Foundation, which is funding the project. 'This is more a question of making art and architecture work together the way it did when the palace was built by Frederik VIII.'

Though the artists' works will not be unveiled until the renovation is complete in 2009, the list is weighted heavily with painters. Art consultants associated with the project said, however, to expect 'much more than just paintings'.

Poul Erik Tøjner, director of the Louisiana Museum of Modern art and co-ordinator for the project, said the choice heralded the return of decorative arts to a place alongside functionalism.

'I am certain we will see a number of interesting ways in which [the integration of art and architecture] can be carried out according to modern premises,' he said. 'Whether that is with light, choice of colour, narration, prisms, crystals, statement, beauty or something else only time will tell.

As a sneak preview, the basic details of two projects were announced. Danish-Icelandic Olafur Eliasson, a visual artist whose work is characterised by the elements of nature - light, heat, moisture, steam and ice - will create a 'room with light'. And installation artist Jeppe Hein has been commissioned to work together with a landscape architect to redesign the place gardens.

The eight other artists selected are: Kasper Bonnén, Jesper Christiansen, Erik A Frandsen, John Kørner, Tal R, Morten Schelde and Kathrine Ærtebjerg.
The Copenhagen Post

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Mary at 1st anniversary of The Head House project

Today Crown Princess Mary has helped mark the first anniversary of the Brain Injury Association's work project activities in The Head House. Mary is the patron of the Association (in English). The Head House in Frederiksberg is sponsored by the European Social Fund, Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen, J.L. Foundation and the Lions Club of Brøndby and is a project for those with acquired brain injury to learn new skills to move back into employment. Mary visited with members of the house who are preparing to move back into the job market.

Madeleine Glindorf's gallery (thanks Madeleine)

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Sunday 25 February 2007

King Harald's 70th: more of the celebrations

Some future kings and queens of Europe: Philippe and Mathilde (Belgium), Victoria (Sweden), Haakon and Mette-Marit (Norway), Frederik and Mary (Denmark), Willem-Alexander and Maxima (Netherlands). From Norway's official website

After dinner there was an outdoor concert and fireworks outside the Royal Palace in Olso. The event was broadcast on Norwegian television but quite a few members of the public braved the cold to join the celebration.

Baby bump watch?

Some others of the Danish contingent: Count Axel and Countess Jutta of Rosenborg and Count Preben Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Read the biography of King Harold - it is quite a story.
Harald V of Norway (the Wikipedia version)

Aftenposten - Gifts for the King
Aftenposten photo gallery of the King's gifts - includes all sorts of presents from board games to a fishing rod complete with some beautiful lures, some chairs from Queen Sonia, a leather desk set from Märtha Louise and Ari Behn, wine, crystal, boxing gloves signed by Stælken Gundersen....
Aftenposten article - 'Pels gjorde susen' on the fashion choices at the museum outing (in Norwegian but has some pics)
Aftenposten TV - video clip (1:11) of the royal visit to the Norwegian folk culture museum at Bygdøy.
Side 2 video clip (2:05) at Bygdøy Museum
Aftenposten picture gallery at Bygdøy Museum
Side 2 video clip (1:06)- Queen Sonia busy taking snaps of her grandaughter Maud Angelica with her mobile
VG Nett photo gallery

Aftenposten photo gallery of the gala ball
Hola.com - 26 photo gallery of Skaugum - the house of the Crown Prince Family. King Harald and Queen Sonia lived here when they were Crown Prince and Crown Princess and Märtha Louise and Haakon spent their early childhood in the house.
TV2.dk - Kongelig invasion i Norge (Danish - Royal invasion in Norway)
TV2 photo gallery
Madeleine Glinforf's photo gallery (great job Madeleine!)

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Mary goes fur style, Fred goes for red

Matthew Benns
February 25, 2007

WRAPPED in a fur coat and on the arm of her husband, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark arrived in Norway for a royal birthday bash this weekend.
Crown Prince Frederik took great care of his six-months pregnant wife in the slippery and snowy conditions at Oslo airport on Friday.
The Danish royal couple is in Norway to attend the 70th birthday celebrations of King Harald over the weekend. And it is certain that Princess Mary will not be overindulging at the buffet table during the royal parties.
Last week she spoke at the launch of the European Charter on Counteracting Obesity, in Copenhagen.
She said part of her role as patron of the World Health Organisation regional office for Europe, was "to generate greater public awareness about how important physical activity and a balanced diet are to our health and wellbeing, and how vital these two factors are in tackling obesity."
Certainly the princess and her husband looked the picture of health at the weekend. However, the prince's choice of red pants for the day may mean she has work to do in the more superficial areas of her husband's appearance.Source: The Sun-Herald

VG NettTV (1:55) - the arrivals at the gala ball

VG NettTV (1:00) - a little of the dancing at the ball

Side 2 video clip (2:05) at the museum, where we can see Alexandra SWB's husband who made it from paris where he started a new job as head of a Swiss bank in Paris not long before Christmas

siste.no photo gallery of the carriage ride. Brrrrrr!
siste.no photo series page you can click on the magnifying icon to increase size

YouTube's on King Harald's birthday celebrations (thanks for uploading MihoshiMarie!)

There have been no photos released of the private dinner on Friday night at Crown Prince Haakon's and Crown Princess Mette-Marit's home, Skaugum Estate. Should any surface we will post later.


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