Thursday 18 January 2007

Frederik in Florida

As we know, Crown Prince Frederik has been in Acura West in Florida this week sailing the Farr 40 boat »Nanoq«. Billed Bladet reports that tomorrow he finds out the result of the week's sailing. Each day he has cycled down to the harbour from where he is staying in an apartment, along with the eight other crew members, some of whom have their wives and children with them. However, Frederik is by himself. Last autumn when he was sailing in Newport, Mary and Christian visited him, but this time they have been at home in Denmark and out walking in some stormy winter weather, among other things (see our earlier post).

16 January. Crown Prince Frederik steers the Farr 40 class sailboat "Nanoq" during the second day of racing at the Acura Key West 2007 Sailing Regatta in Key West, Florida. "Nanoq" is in 15th place of 17 Farr 40 boats competing in the regatta that is to continue through 19 January 2007 off the Florida Keys. Florida Keys News Bureau/Ken Stanek

17 January. Crown Prince Frederik chats with competing sailors including James Richardson (L) following the third day of racing at the Acura Key West 2007 sailing regatta in Key West, Florida. The prince is skippering a Farr 40 - class boat "Nanoq" and is in 13th place of 17 boats in the class. EPA/ANDY NEWMAN (NB: Jim Richardson is a bit of a sailing legend!)

Acura West 2007 race videos
Acura West 2007 there are 17 classes racing in 4 divisions and 20 countries represented. Farr 40 boats are in Division 1 if you want to follow the results on this link.

Some info about Farr 40 racing:
Farr 40 are not maxi yachts -- they are 40 footers, all of a standard design which make them unique as a newly developed racing class. Many other yachting events (such as the Sydney to Hobart Boxing Day Race) have a mixture of classes/boat size. Such races are handicapped, but the beauty of single class racing is this isn't necessary because all participants are on an equal footing, with the same specifications for their boats, same crew numbers and all following the same rules of competition. This year is the tenth anniversary of Farr 40 world championships and the competition will be in Copenhagen (Øresund) along with a very strong Nordic sailing competition lead-up program in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Farr 40 boats are made of carbon fibre so they are pretty light for their size, they also have a uniform design. Before each competition all the boats are weighed and measured and have the 12 sails checked. The weigh-in includes the crew which can be 8 or 9, depending on the weight of the individual crew members. The total weight of the crew cannot exceed 760 kilos.

Crown Prince to helm prestige yacht from The Copenhagen Post. This old report from 2004 gives the details of the "Nanoq" Farr 40 project and how the team is financed and structured. Harboe director Bernhard Griese provides the financial backing (that is, Frederik does not own it). The national coach of Danish sailing has said the Farr 40 project is important for lifting the profile of sailing in Denmark, and Crown Prince Frederik's participation enhances the development of the sport.

In October 2006 Frederik gave an interview to Politiken's Lars Jørgensen in which he talked about the virtues of sailing as a sport, it's teamwork and the experience of pitting yourself against the elements and other competitors. As a strong maritime nation, sailing is important to Denmark and Politiken acknowledged Frederik's hand in winning the Farr 40 world championships for Denmark, to be held later this year. Frederik cites his grandfather Frederik IX, the sailor king, as an inspiration as well as his father Henrik (Dragon class) and his uncle Konstantine (an Olympic sailor). He talked about the name "Nanoq", which is the Greenlandic name for polar bear.
And, as we know from Frederik's activities for several years he has been active in the International Sailing Federation.
Added from Spanish Hola!: Tormenta para la princesa Mary, sol para el príncipe Federico (Storm for Princess Mary, sun for Prince Frederik)
New! Final results "Nanoq" 13th out of field of 17 with total score after nine races of 93 (winner had 51 last had 128). "Nanoq's" best result - 7th in race 7 and worst was 14th in race 8.

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