Tuesday 8 August 2006

Frederik at Danes World Wide meeting

On Sunday, August 6, Crown Prince Frederik was the guest of honour at a meeting of expatriate Danes. The organisation called Danes World Wide has had its annual meeting at Kronborg Castle. Its president is Peter Heering Snr. The meeting celebrates the maintenance of Danish ties to Denmark, which Danes World Wide does through a number of services, programs and publications. The organisation and annual meeting deal with what is consciously Danish identity and cultural heritage for expatriate Danes. There is also a focus on keeping contact world wide and facilitaing opportunities for Danes living and working abroad. The Queen is the patron of Danes World Wide, but because of her knee operation and some shifting around of duties, Crown Prince Frederik was the guest of honour. Speakers at the meeting focused on new global conditions, how to best adapt to them and make the best contribution possible. You can read an item in English called Danglish 'From a Danish American who still speaks Danglish'. The woman in white with Frederik is Susanne Heering, mother-in-law to Caroline and long-time friend to the Queen. The Heerings are old friends of the whole royal family.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the lady speaking with Prince Frederik?

3:47 pm  
Blogger gigi said...

She's Susanne Heering, and her son Peter, is one of the Frederik's best friends. We mentioned her in our 'Changeover of Mary's lady-in-waiting' found here: http://danishroyalwatchers.blogspot.com/2006/04/changeover-of-marys-lady-in-waiting_24.html

5:56 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Susanne Heering and her husband are also very good friends with the Queen and Prince Henrik. The Queen does costumes and scenography design each year for Susanne Heering's ballet school productions. And so, gigi, we cannot put an active link in these messages ;D

6:10 pm  

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