Saturday 22 July 2006

Holiday mode at the beach in Denmark

Frederik, Mary, Christian and Ziggy have been at the beach in northern Jutland in Blokhus. We are posting photos taken in public places and published in Billed Bladet and Se og Hør (hence the quality). On the way north they visited Mary's former lady-in-waiting Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen and her husband Frants at their Gyldensteen estate on the island of Funen and then visited Queen Margrethe at Marselisborg near Aarhus before going to Blokhus to share some holiday time at the beach with friends.

Se og Hør reports Frederik, Mary, Christian and Ziggy have again been staying in North Jutland by the North Sea (which is the West Sea in Denmark, hence Vesterhavet) this year. Last year they were in nearby Skagen. Owner Jørgen Skeel put a cottage at Frederik's and Mary's disposal from Wednesday to Saturday of last week. Also along were some security staff and Mette Hansen, the nanny. On Saturday they were joined by friend and actress Ellen Hillingsø, her husband and two children. Mary continued to have her 'finger on the trigger' as the family photographer when Frederik, Mary, Christian and Ziggy went walking through Blokhus' marram grass dunes.

Billed Bladet reports that Frederik and Mary hit the surf during the holiday on the northern coast of Denmark. Their border collie Ziggy dashed about happily in the dunes and lyme grass along with the the Crown Prince Couple's friends and kids. There weren't many passers by on the sandy beach in Blokhus, but it was a warm and pleasant morning at the beach spent like any other Danish family.

Billed Bladet also reports Prince Christian has had his first holiday at the beach. With his mother Mary and Ziggy nearby he got to see the North Sea up close from his push chair. The Crown Prince family had visited Queen Margrethe (and Prince Henrik presumably) at Marselisborg last week and then like other Danish families they headed for the summer warmth in the north at Blokhus. They stayed at the summer cottage of friends Jørgen and Marie Louise Skeel a couple of kilometres from Blokhus and 100 metres from the shore. Elsewhere in Billed Bladet there is a snippet about Frederik, Mary and Christian also visiting Mary's former lady-in-waiting Countess Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen on Funen before their visit to north Jutland and the beach. On their last Saturday Mary, Frederik and their friends and guests had a barbecue after a visit to the butcher, the men, including Frederik, took control of the tongs. Mary had a last swim in the surf before they departed.

(Above from Se og Hør #29)

(Above from Billed Bladet # 29)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work keeping this website updated. I enjoy "tuning in" from time to time and keeping abreast of the Danish Royal Family.
You are doing a great job!

12:46 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I adore this site. I enjoy checking in and getting my royal news fix.

3:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the collection of info and pictures here! I really enjoy it.

Just a small note though: You wrote, that F&M spend their holidays "in Vesterhavet". Actually "Vesterhavet" is the Danish word for North Sea. So, you're right, they also spend some time swimming in the sea, but you probably wanted to say something else here ;-)


9:46 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Thanks Yessi -- correction now included. We appreciate that and we are glad you enjoy the blog.

For the DRWs team :)

7:40 pm  
Anonymous said...

As an owner of a Brown/White Border Collie dog I follow the news about 'Ziggy', We think he is the real star of the royal family!!!!!
Can we see more photos of ZIGGY -please please please

12:05 pm  

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