Thursday 20 April 2006

More photos from HM Queen Margrethe II's birthday!

We've just received these pics from one of our readers:

... On April 16, I went to the huge 'garden party' at Marselisborg in Århus, and obviously, I want you to see my pictures.... and might I add, what a fabulous day the sixteenth was! My girlfriend and I were, apart from a family of three, the first to arrive at the gates. Shortly after we saw a pram pushed by a nanny with a bodyguard walking at her side, not for her but for His Little Royal Highness! Later on, when it was around ten, we waved them off to church and were let in around 11 o'clock! A marvellous day!
1. The man in the first photo is a member of the Royal Court taking pictures of the crowd.
2. The Queen's Standard turned upside down, a blooper rectified before Her Majesty returned from church!

Thanks to Lasse for sharing these goodies with us!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What lovely photos, Prince Christian is so cute. I have been on holidays and did not have access to a computer so had not seen these shots earlier. Thanks for a great site, its the first one I checked when I returned.


12:09 pm  

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