Monday 10 April 2006

Frederik & Mary go to the zoo

 border=Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited the four newly arrived Tasmanian Devils given to the Copenhagen Zoo as a christening gift to Denmark's newest prince. The small carnivorous marsupials were given by the state government of Tasmania, Mary's Australian home state, to mark the Oct. 15 birth of the couple's firstborn, Prince Christian.
UPDATE! New links below.

Links all in English (including new ones):
Tasmanian Devils (you can listen to their 'interesting' vocalisation)
Wildlife of Tasmania
Nine msn news clip
The Copenhagen Post 'Little devils receive royal welcome'
The Hobart Mercury 'Royal welcome for devlish new Danes' 'Royal birthday gift: Tasmanian Devils'
ABC Online 'Mary welcomes devils to Denmark' 'Princess thanks her home state for 'royal' devils'

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