Friday 31 March 2006

Bulgarian visit ends

President Georgi Parvanov and Mrs Parvanova have ended their state visit to Denmark. Today has been occupied with political meetings with the Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen at Christiansborg Palace/Folketinget which is the Danish paliament. Both leaders met and held a press conference where the E.U. and Denmark's reputation abroad were discussed. The Presidential couple returned to Bulgaria this afternoon.

There were no royal pictures today but just in case you would like to know why President Parvanov headed the first Bulgarian state visit to Denmark on the invitiation of the Queen and the Danish Government to look at a waste disposal plant among other things, have a look here. A little more info here You can always find lots of links to up-to-date Danish news here. At a meeting at the Folkentinget between President Georgi Parvanov and leaders of the political forces represented in Parliament, Folkentinget Speaker Christian Mejdahl confirmed that Denmark will ratify the EU Accession Treaty of Bulgaria and Romania before Parliament's summer recess, so a lot of important stuff was going on along with royal participation! And, this is some of what the Danes were looking at when they visited the Bulgarian exhibit at the National Museum. They are ancient funerial finds from tombs from 350 BC, some found only as recently as 2004 and 2005. Archeologists in Bulgaria are still investigating sites and finding new ones. The exhibition is until the end of April to mark the first state visit to Denmark. Just an aside, Prince Joachim was not present at the State Visit events because he has been in Greenland. We'll give you an update on the Joachim and Marie front soon.

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