Friday 24 March 2006

More about Joachim and Marie

MARCH 20 2006 - The Danish Prince Joachim came home Sunday from his trip in South East Asia. He was greated by the Danish press with pictures of Marie Cavallier when he visited the Car Show in the Bella Center in Copenhagen. He was asked if he was in love and he confirmed it.

Just because we haven't posted more here about the Danish press reaction to the 'outing' of Prince Joachim's girlfriend Marie Cavallier, doesn't mean that it doesn't continue in a bit of a frenzy, because it is!

As predicted, Joachim was greeted at Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport by rather a lot of press on his return from Thailand. Despite pages and pages of 'coverage' in Denmark's tabloid press there is no real advance in knowledge about the relationship. Some closer translation of Marie's words in the several interviews she has given so far reveal she has not been quite as forthcoming as the tabloid headlines and stories would suggest. An example is the headline about Marie wanting three children, it would appear Marie said she would like three children, but that whether it is with Joachim or not is still too early to tell. Marie has said she and Joachim are together and they will see what the future will bring.

Marie Cavallier in Geneva last week. Photo:B.T./Jeppe Michael Jensen

There is some conjecture about Alexandra, Joachim's ex-wife and mother of his two children Prince Nilolai and Prince Felix, possibly and supposedly being upset by the arrival of Marie on the scene, despite there being no evidence whatsovever that this is so. Marie is dissected for tabloid analysis and many pages are devoted to the royalty experts' interpretation of the romance. Joachim says he is happy and that 'things' will proceed in their own way but there is no talk of engagement. Even this is stringing things together, because the gentlemanly Joachim repeatedly declined to comment on the many questions asked of him by journalists. When he arrived back in Copenhagen last Sunday Joachim went straight from the airport to the Bella Centre for a racing festival (Joachim is very keen on motor sport) where racing drivers were raising money for UNICEF Danmark. At the Bella Centre Joachim was confronted by journalists and was noticeably awkward when presented with photographs of Marie.

Links and sources:
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