Wednesday 1 February 2006

Tasmanian CPss Mary Scholarship winner to Copenhagen University

From Hobart, Mary's hometown:

Danielle is living a fairytale of her own

31 January 06

SHE is studying the same degree as Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary, has many of the same lecturers, and some say she even looks like the Danish beauty.
And now University of Tasmania commerce/law student Danielle Conlan is heading to Denmark to study on a scholarship in the princess's honour and will even have a chance to meet "our Mary".
Miss Conlan, 22, of Battery Point, leaves for Denmark on Monday to study European law at Copenhagen University after becoming the first Tasmanian to win the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship. Not only will the six-month exchange form part of the final year of her five-year uni degree but she will also have a month after exams to travel.
Two Australians are awarded the 10,000 kroner ($2000) scholarship each year -- which was created by the University of Copenhagen to honour the royal couple when they married in May 2004.
The scholarship will pay for Miss Conlan's living expenses in Copenhagen, while a second scholarship from the University of Tasmania will pay for her airfares.
Like many Tasmanians, Miss Conlan has watched the Tasmanian-turned-princess fairytale with fascination and is looking forward to her first trip to Europe.
She has been avidly reading a book about Mary she was given for Christmas and is learning basic Danish.
"Like everyone, I'm just drawn into it, she's just so beautiful and the work she's been doing with charities is so important," Miss Conlan said.
She's excited about meeting the princess for a formal ceremony, photo shoot and chat. "I'm hoping the fact that I'm from Tasmania may help develop some sort of rapport with her."
But despite the similarities in their background, Miss Conlan won't be searching for a Danish prince -- she says she has already found her own prince right here in Tasmania.

The Mercury

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