Thursday 26 January 2006

Amalienborg Museum's royal display

UPDATE: I added more photos to the following posts:
- Leaving the church and meeting the press
- The reception

From Lotte's previous post:
The Amalienborg Museum will display the christening robe, the royal baptismal font and the gold plate with its accompanying ewer and candlesticks from Friday 27 January until Sunday 19 March 2006.

The objects exhibited will form part of the current exhibition, "The Royal Succession – an exhibition for children" and will illustrate the continuity of the Royal House, which is the theme of the exhibition.
Jan. 26. 2006 Museum curetor Gerda Petri is shown hanging Prince Christian's robe. One can also see a ribbon on the floor, that's because sometime during the ceremony, one of the ribbons from Prince Christian's robe fell to the floor --to be later collected by Crown Prince Frederik. That's the reason why the ribbon will also be placed on the floor at the museum display.



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