Sunday 29 January 2006

You can see the christening

If by any chance you missed the christening a week ago, or you would like to see it again, you can see it still via Norwegian Nett TV. Click on the link which follows.


Click on the underlined 'Klikk her for å åpne NRK Nett-TV' and the webclip will appear in a new window. Thanks to Norwegian Nett TV for providing this ongoing link!

Set aside an hour and fifteen minutes if you want to watch all the way through. The commentary is in Norwegian, but it is no less interesting. Check out the photos here in previous posts to help you identify who is who. Some moments to watch for: the interactions between Mary and Christian, also with Frederik and between the godparents, Nikolai full of beans at the moment of the christening and then later playing paper, rock, scissors with Joachim towards the end of the service! I have heard on another clip from Danish DR news that the name was announced on the loudspeakers of buses and trains. I remember a reporter saying he was travelling to work on a train in Copenhagen the day Christian was born, when he got a call about the birth on his mobile phone. He announced it to everyone on the carriage and they all clapped and cheered. Enjoy the christening courtesy of Norway!



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