Wednesday 4 January 2006

New Year royal court at Amalienborg & Christiansborg today

 border=Rosenborg/Lennart Larsen,
Christian IV's crown of gold, enamel, diamonds and pearls, created 1595-1596 by Dirich Fyring in Odense. Source:
Crown Jewels

Today is another special day in the calendar of Royal Denmark.

Queen Margrethe II, Henrik, the Prince Consort, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are Christian VII Mansion, Amalienborg Palace receiving members of the Supreme Court of Denmark and military officers of the Royal Guard and the Horse Guard. At this court reception the Royal House is acknowledging the contribution of these institutions and the individuals in them who enable the functioning of the Danish state.

A little later in the morning the Queen, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will go to Christiansborg Palace to receive the diplomatic corps in Denmark at a New Year court reception.

Photos from the royal court at Christiansborg:

Royal Denmark

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