Tuesday 3 January 2006

Mary will be more than a mother and wife

Crown Princess Mary has asked her guests to gather in everyday wear when they come to court on Thursday at Amalienborg. Meanwhile Crown Prince Frederik goes together with his parents to the more formal New Year's court at Christiansborg.

Photo: Keld Navntoft
By Karin Schmidt

B.T. reports that it appears that Mary has decided to be a Crown Princess who is more than just her husband's spouse, and mother to her child. She will also choose a more distinct role in the royal family.

As the first Crown Princess ever in history with the alternative, she has chosen to invite her patronages to New Year's court in Christian VIII's palace at Amalienborg, where the Crown Prince couple have suitable rooms.

- It is one of the first times that Mary has shown that she desires an independent role. She has previously shown support for the fashion industry and as the children's prinsess, but here she shows her official independence. In this she is not just her husband's spouse or her child's mother.

- She is Crown Princess, with the task that she must become Denmark's Queen, says Jon Bloch Skipper, historian from Det Historiske Hus.

In his view it is an intelligent/wise initiative, that Mary chooses to hold court for the (approximately) 20 funds, societies and associations for which she is patron.

Modern monarchy
- It shows that she is conscious that it is necessary to have a personal profile and to be in step with the character of a modern monarchy such as the danish.

- The Royal House lost it's political power in the 1900's, and today it is up to the royals themselves how they will define their roles, particularly the representative part.

- It shows also that Mary wishes to have a close relationship with her patronages, says Jon Bloch Skipper.

The Crown Princess's New Year's court is definitely not something one would say 'no' to.

Thanks to gudinde for the translation.

Source: Bt.dk



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isnt Frederick going to be with her at this event???i think that's weird.

i mean if he was just staying home or attending another event independently that would be fine but he'll be with his parents instead of with his wife. that just doesnt sit well with me.

7:39 pm  
Blogger gigi said...

Hi letizia,

First of, CPss Mary's having a NYs court for her own patronages, so I don't see the reason why CP Frederik should be there. Since she became CPss she's shown her independence and has had numerous solo appearances.

Second, CP Frederik will be attending a more formal NYs court with his parents at the same time. Even if CPss Mary didn't host her own court, she would've still been unable to attend because of tradition (only the Queen/King and heir can attend).

9:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry but it's not true that she can't attend. unless you mean that she can't she's not ready to sit with the grownups and is relegated to the kiddy table-which appears to be the case here.

3:28 pm  

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