Friday 29 February 2008

Frederik @ 350th anniversary Roskilde Peace Treaty

Last Tuesday (26 February 2008) Crown Prince Frederik attended a ceremony to mark the 350th anniversary of the Roskilde Peace Treaty in Roskilde Cathedral and later at an exhibition at the Roskilde Museum. There was a memorial service in Roskilde Cathedral which was solemn and afterwards Frederik visited the exhibition along with other guests at Roskilde Museum. Danish and Swedish documents are exhibited and representatives from both Denmark and Sweden were present.

All photos © - Solemn marking of 350th anniversary of Roskilde Peace Treaty
February 27th 2008 by Jørgen B. Andersen The RoskildePeace Treaty saw the surrender of Scania, Halland and Blekinge in 1658 was and was marked... with classical music by Buxtehude, a memorial service, speeches and boy scouts in a torchlight parade. ...[it is] 350 years since that Roskilde Peace Treaty was entered into. For Denmark it was an expensive peace whicht cost the country huge territories. They were taken over by Sweden ... who had taken the Danes by surprise by going over the Great Belt's ice from Jutland and during a very short time had conquered most of Zealand... There was a very special solemn atmosphere in Roskilde Cathedral yesterday evening ... It was not sad but solemn. The peace treaty's great importance was emphasised by Crwon Prince Frederik's participation at both the memorial service and the opening of Roskilde Museum's special exhibition about the peace...

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