Thursday 13 December 2007

Frederik @ church gift giving

Crown Prince Frederik has visited and helped with the Church's Canon Regulars for the Christmas distribution of clothes, food and gifts to the homeless, single mothers and others in need at the Church's Drejervej helping hand centre in the north-west of Copenhagen. The Church has an extensive organisation of assistance and support centres for families and the disadvantaged throughout Denmark.

Kirkens Korshærs 'Jul på Nørrebro med kronprinsen som frivillig'

TV2 article 'Kronprins giver gaver med Korshær'- Frederik helped handing out clothes, gifts and foodstuffs for the homeless, single mothers and others in needy at the Christmas distribution in the North West Quarter, along with the other employees of the Church Canon's .

Jyllands Posten 'Kronprinsen i gavehumør' - A Crown Prince in high form helped with distributing gifts to single mothers. He smiled and asked the mothers about their situation and wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Jyllands Posten: Bebianne Larsen (pictured above) was one of those who received a helping hand. I hadn't noticed it was he [the Crown Prince], was a bit confused and called him "du" [informal 'you' instead of formal 'you'].

DR1 news clip (01:54)
DR1 update (00:55)
TV2 news clip (00:19)
TV2 news clip (01:44)
JP webTV (01:02)

Søren Steffen's photo gallery

  • Together with the Queen and Prince Henrik Crown Prince Frederik attended a meeting of the Royal Danish Geographical Society at the University of Copenhagen this evening for a seminar on the ongoing research from the Galathea 3 Expedition. Frederik is a patron and the president of the Society.

  • Added: From Billed Bladet 20 December 2007 'Julemand og babysitter' – Santa Claus and babysitter
    Crown Prince Frederik took part in the handing out of Christmas presents on behalf of Kirkens Korshær at Nørrebro in Copenhagen [a working class neighbourhood] for the first time.
    The recipients received a bag with various presents, a varying amount of money and tickets to a football [soccer] game.
    One of the recipients was mother-of-two, Petrea Maria Wismach, who brought along her four month old daughter, Melanie.
    Frederik couldn’t resist the little girl and offered: “She’s gorgeous. Just let me hold her while you [informal 'you'] sign.” Mother Petra didn’t mind.
    “I told the Crown Prince that Melanie was originally to be called Isabella, but when he and Mary “stole” the name I changed my mind, because we can’t have two princesses named Isabella. He laughed a little over that one.”
    The single mum, Nadia Jensen, said to Frederik: “It’s a very big day for me. It’s the third time I’m here.”
    Frederik replied: “Well, it’s my first time here. But I’ve been looking forward to it. It’s nice to be Santa Claus.”
    Later Fredrik visited the homeless shelter in the back of the building, where homeless and others with social issues can get a hot meal, a bath and some clean clothes.
    (written by Anna Johannesen kindly translated by Muhler)

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