Saturday 24 February 2007

More from Oslo...

The gala concert for King Harald was emceed by his daughter Princess Märtha Louise and included a variety of musical and dancing performances, including singing, instrumental, classical and modern, ballet and folk. Princess Märtha Louise was emotional when wishing her father a happy birthday and reciprocal feelings were obvious in the king, who is apparently a shy man, and Queen Sonia also. Balloons were dropped on the audience at the end of the happy concert in true birthday style and Mary and Victoria had a lot fun playing with them (thanks cph and Bendedikte). Much more to come, we will post as it comes...

A few more photos: Princess Märtha Louise and her husband Ari Behn, Princess Mabel and Prince Friso (Netherlands), Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn (Netherlands) , Princess Anne and Earl of Wessex (Britain).

*See Madeleine Glindorf's website for great pics of the arrivals at the Town Hall in Oslo. Thank's Madeleine and keep warm! Probably a bit hard to do though... video clip (0:20 - but if you let it run you will see a story on the place where Alexandra and Martin will marry in week's time) - Kongeparet: Fantastisk forestilling (Norwegian - check the pics and practice your Norwegian!)
Aftenposten - «Takk for at dere er så enestående» Princess Märtha Louise speaking at the gala concert
Aftenposten photo gallery
Side 2 - see the video of Märtha Louise's very sweet and emotional speech of thanks to her father and wishing him a happy birthday. She said he was warm, open accommodating and curious about life.
NRK Nett-TV - Kongegalla (video clip, the first 2:30) Princess Märtha Louise was the emcee for the evening of music, dance, classical and folk....
VG TV video clip of the arrivals at the Town Hall (1:30)

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