Thursday 2 November 2006

Frederik and Mary at the football

B.T. reports Frederik and Mary went to Parken last night to see FCK (FC København) and Manchester United. FCK won 1-0. Earlier Mary and Caroline Heering are said by B.T. to have visited the hotel where MTV guests are staying. An Australian band, Jet, known to Mary and Frederik from Sydney, is staying there. The MTV Europe Music Awards are in Copenhagen tomorrow, this year hosted by Justin Timberlake. Also along with Frederik and Mary at the football were Prince Gustav and his girlfriend Carina Axelsson.

TV2 article - FCK created a sensation in Parken 'FCK skabte sensationen i Parken' (in Danish)
Added! Red Devils eat FCK dust The Copenhagen Post
This news even reached the sports bulletin in Sydney news yesterday! The game that is, nothing about Mary.
Also: MTV spotlight hits Copenhagen The Copenhagen Post

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