Wednesday 5 July 2006

Summer days for Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik

Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik have arrived in Århus on July 1 in the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to reside at Marselisborg Palace.

B.T. and TV 2 reported that Queen Margrethe has gone back to work. The Queen's first official duty since her knee surgery was on June 23. A very well-looking Queen Margrethe was at a bi-annual ceremony at Rosenborg Castle to present the Queen's Watch to the Guard of the Year, although she did sit for the presentation. It had been just over three weeks since the Queen's surgery but she looked very well. The Queen and Prince Henrik have since travelled in the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to Århus to take up their official summer residence of Marselisborg. On crutches on June 30, the Queen hosted a lunch at Christiansborg Palace (the Danish Parliament) of parliamentarians meeting for discussions concerning the future of the EU (European Union).

In other health news concerning the regent couple, B.T. reports that Prince Henrik is sick also. Court spokeswoman Lis M. Frederiksen confirmed that Prince Henrik has a wound on his leg which will not heal and he has been ordered to have intensive wound treatment which includes complete rest of the leg for some weeks. Fortunately, Prince Joachim will be able to take up the duties of his father during Henrik's recuperation.

Right, Queen Margrethe makes her way down the gangplank in Århus on her crutches with Prince Henrik.

Click here to see a video clip from TV 2 ØSTJYLLAND (just over 2 mins) of the arrival.

Just in case some of our readers are unfamiliar with the royal calendar, we should let you know there are minimal official engagements this month. July is the summer holiday month and what engagements there are we will of course report on. Frederik and Mary have no official engagements for the remainder of this month. We may see some photographs and get some reports about the doings of Frederik, Mary and Christian and other members of the royal family, but they will all be in holiday-mode, so it will be haphazard as to when reports and photos appear.

The good news is there are already lots of engagements in the wind from the beginning of August to look forward to and we will post a Danish royal roundup shortly. For those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the summer! (without too much storm, flood and pestilence) and for those in the southern hemisphere, well, er, enjoy the winter! (without too much shivering).

NOTE: We've added a group photo taken on July 1st -Gala dinner- from the Luxembourg silver anniversary. Click here to see the photo.

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