Friday 14 January 2011

Mary & Frederik present their new little prince & little princess : "Right now we have our hands full"

Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik and their newborn twins have left Rigshospitalet via a walk 'n talk with the press and also greeted hospital patients, staff and members of the public who gathered to see them at a little after 3:30pm Denmark time. Mary carried the little prince and Frederik carried the little princess. This blogger has to say that Prince Henrik's humour needs some work - they are beautiful babies. When asked by a member of the media what they thought about Prince Henrik's comment that babies are ugly (including these ones!), Frederik just said "I won't say anything about that" and gave a big smile.

They said the little princess is the calmer of the two and they sleep together. Mary said the birth was an amazing experience and that it went so well. The babies have not slept that much and but they have been nursing alot. Mary spoke in English to say they had been following the news from Australia about the Queensland floods and they sent their best wishes to the people of Queensland. She said they had no firm plans yet about a trip to Australia but want to do it as soon as possible to introduce the two new little ones to their family in Australia. They said they had been thinking about names for a long time - but of course, no information until the christening on that front. Mary said Isabella quickly assumed the tender role of tucking in the new little ones. Frederik was asked about Prince Joachim and he said that of course he had heard from Prince Joachim, who was happy. The Crown Prince Couple said they have some wonderful photos of the new little ones with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Mary said they are working hard to get the twins synchronised, which they already are somewhat, and that Frederik helped enormously with his great love and support. They say they can see both their similarities and their differences and the Crown Prince Couple changed arms to position each of the babies so the press could get good photos. Frederik looked eager to leave, although both were comfortable throughout the press call, and he said that it is because the twins are doing well that they are confident in leaving the hospital. They were asked about having more children and Frederik replied they would have to discuss that (maybe "no"?) and that they were looking forward to getting home to be "a family of six".

They moved to go outside, put on two little hats for the cold and went to the car, placed the twins inside, and Frederik drove home to Amalienborg.

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  • Frederik is wearing a bracelet for support for troops in Afghanistan (for those wondering)

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TV2's full clip of the departure (17:57)'s full clip of the departure (13:08)

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