Sunday 19 April 2009

Frederik in Danish Royal Yacht Club regatta to christen new training boats

Photo © Per Heegaard/Bådmagasinet Sejl
Crown Prince Frederik took part in a local regatta to christen new training yachts sailing under the auspices of the Royal Danish Yacht Club on April 18, 2009 in Rungsted, reported Bådmagasinet Sejl. The local regatta was to christen the Royal Danish Yachtclub's six new J-80 yachts. To mark the new training boats to be used by the club, the J-80s were sailed by teams made up of sponsors and well known identities in Danish yachting, including Frederik and some of his Farr 40 team mates. J-80 yachts are American J class sports racing boats for open water sailing outside harbours and lakes - the kind of water Denmark has plenty of to develop their sailing prowess. The boats were christened with the names of Nordic goddesses and so are christened Frigg, Saga, Gefion, Freyja, Fulla and Nanna.

Minbå 'Lyninterview med Kronprinsen om J/80' - Lightning interview with the Crown Prince about J/80
We talked with Crown Prince Frederik today.
It in the sailing boat press the much talked about J/80 got some extra exposure today when the Royal Danish Yacht Club invited to see their six new club boats christened, with an overall cost around DKK 2 million... Crown Prince Frederik was on the water with his Farr 40 mates, including Christian Jensen, Jesper Riise and Anders Myralf.
They took a place in the middle of the field where they emerged fastest... the Crown Prince told, "It moves nimbly, it's a very lively and light boat. I very much look forward to sailing in it again."
...The Crown Prince said he will sail the Farr 40 World Championship later this year in Sardinia. The Farr 40 team will sail in Capri in May.
The winner of the day's battle was the former America's Cup sailor Sten Mohr, who had fellow team mate Mikkel Røssberg with him, as well as Torben Bjørn Christensen.
The head of the sailing school Per Sindholt made a speech after the race and then the boats were of the Nordic goddesses so the boats are now christened
Frigg, Saga, Gefion, Freyja, Fulla and Nanna.
Congratulations KDY (Danish Royal Yacht Club), maybe other yachting clubs will replace their old training boats.

Photos © Per Heegaard/Bådmagasinet Sejl, Troels Lykke/

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