Saturday 21 March 2009

Frederik @ Social Inclusion Games event juggling crutches

Crown Prince Frederik attended a Social Inclusion Games event as the patron for the games to be organised by the Danish Peoples' Sports Organisation for Socially Marginalised People in the Grøndahl Centre in Copenhagen on Thursday March 19. As the patron Frederik attended this indoor event as part of the 2009 program. The new term 'Udsatte Legene' is the international sports competition for socially marginalised people. It was previously known as the 'Homeless Games' which Frederik also supported. The games will be from August 17 - 23 of this year in Odense and will include international competitors. Dansk Væresteds Idræt (Danish Peoples' Sports Organisation) aims to give equal opportunity for everyone, including the socially disadvantaged, to participate in sports, exercise, being together with others and competition. Through gymnastics clubs and societies at day care centres all those with similar problems can take part on a similar footing to prevent further chance of exclusion and aim to participate at the national level, which can expand individual life chances and self esteem. The athletes may be alcoholics or former alcoholics, drug abusers, the mentally ill, the homeless, or any individuals who in some way or another are socially marginalised.

In his speech Frederik drew attention to the Danish tradition that sport is for everyone and mentioned the 2005 beginnings of what is today a growing movement of inclusiveness, represented by IDVI. He said it was a beautiful initiative which allows people to be represented in a new way, for those who have not always had the possibility to stick to sport because of the personal struggles they have needed to overcome. Frederik said there is great respect due those who make such an effort to get their lives together. And in what can be seen as an expression of Frederik's philosophy on the role of sport, he said the participants are a proof that sport creates a grounded place from which to create new energy, and feel the reward of sharing in something bigger than oneself. Frederik said to remember that pleasure and that energy which sustains the individual through sport, and to pass it on to others who may not yet have found the strength and energy to participate.

Photos © Tariq Mikkel Khan/POLFOTO/Fyens Stifstidende, Lars H. Laursen/ Billed Bladet

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