Monday 9 March 2009

Frederik @ Acura Grand Prix in Miami with Mary & the kids

Crown Prince Frederik has been taking part in Farr 40 sailing at Acura West in Miami, Florida from Thursday March 5 to Sunday March 8, 2009. Prince Christian featured in the pre-race preparations at the dock while he followed his father's every movement before the yacht sailed. Poor little Prince Christian, who like his parents does not escape the photographer's lens while in public, ended up as the 'photo of the day' in The Miami Herald crying as he was carried off Nanoq by a crew member so it could set sail. Sporting a beautiful new red spinnaker, Nanoq ended the regatta in 11th place in a small field of 12 yachts. The reigning World Champion in Farr40 sailing won the event. At this level of competition, practice, experience and just plain old luck counts for a lot. According to Billed Bladet Frederik and Mary left straight for Miami from Zürich on Sunday March 1st. Frederik sprained his left ankle on the last day in Switzerland (you may see a bandage in some photos). On Tuesday Crown Prince Frederik will be back home to attend a climate conference at the University of Copenhagen.

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Billed Bladet Online 'Prins Christian hjælper far i Florida' - Prince Christian Helps Dad in Florida
Prince Christian was in a life jacket at his father's side on Nanoq at the pier. The reporter says Prince Christian followed his father's every movement, and wanted to be part of the preparations before the yacht sailed.
Dressed in life jacket and in absolutely correct sailor mode, the small prince was ready for big waves and salt spray. Christian has inherited Frederik's pleasure in the seaside at this time at the very least. This is obvious at present where Crown Prince Frederik is in Florida to participate in a regatta on the yacht
Nanoq. He has brought the whole family along to the event.
Prince Christian follows his father's every movement intently and wants to be part of all the preparations for the boat's departure.
Thus you could see him dressed in a prescribed life jacket at his father's side as the last preparations were made before setting sail.
Billed Bladet no. 11/2009 we publish a report from the trip, and you will see what happens when Prince Christian must part from his father and the boat.
That isn't for delicate souls (referring to Christian's understandable regret as he was taken back to shore by one of the Nanoq crew).

Billed Bladet 'Isabella og Christian: Feriehygge i Florida' - Isabella and Christian: Holiday cosiness in Florida | 10 March 2009 | Jan Bergman
Princess Isabella and Prince Christian enjoyed the warmth and the relaxed atmosphere with Mother and Father in Miami.
Both Princess Isabella and Prince Christian had tugged on light summer clothes and sauntered off happily during their cosy holiday together with Mother and Father in Miami, Florida.
Only the week before the royal children had been running around in snow suits and pixie caps during their ski holiday with Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik in Switzerland.
This time the focus was on Florida's rather splendid and obliging heat and while Daddy sailed in the regatta, Isabella and Christian enjoyed time together with Mary at the marina in Miami.
Like an ordinary family, the royal threesome moved round and had a pleasant time in the relaxing surroundings. (more to come since there will be full coverage in the next issue)

Hello! magazine 'Prince Christian helps dad Frederik get ready for Miami boat race'
Hola! 'El príncipe Federico y su hijo, el príncipe Christian, dos intrépidos regatistas en Miami'
Se og Hør 'Christian og Isabella: Lillesøster styrer' - Christian and Isabella: Little sister in control
Maria Rossen Tuesday March 10th 2009
The princess chattered away and ran from Mary several times while in Miami to see Daddy sail in a regatta
SEOGHØR.DK Denmark's little Princess Isabella, at nearly 2, proved she is seriously developing into a quite naughty charmer, when she was at a marina in Miami with Mary and big brother Christian to see Crown Prince Frederik sail a regatta.
Opposite big brother Christian, 3 1/2 years, she isn't afraid, and Crown Princess Mary had to constantly keep an eye on her so she didn't run away very far.
When Isabella saw a duck and came dangerously close to the quay, Mary used the pet name "Bella" to call the little princess away from the water.
While in her mother's arms the princess chattered away and couldn't resist checking out everything.
"Ducks! Hi, duck," Isabella said.
In a practical romper, the summer clothes suited Isabella's energetic behaviour. She had a small hair clip to keep the fine, dark princess curls away from her face and was wearing delicate fitted shoes and flowered romper suit.
The princess also was the first to shout "smiiiiil!" to the photographers, when the little family passed before a row of photographers. gallery
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