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Wednesday 15 October 2008

Prince Christian turns 3!

Prince Christian is three years old today. The Crown Prince Family is once again reported to be spending a quiet birthday and short autumn break at the Trend hunting lodge in north Jutland as they did last year. There is a contrary report via Denmark's Statistics that the birthday is being spent at home in Fredensborg.

From Billed Bladet 'Prins Christian rykker en stue op i børnehaven' - Prince Christian to advance at kindergarten | by Anne Johannesen
The children at Queen Louise Day Nursery are divided into three rooms/classes depending on their age and maturity. Christian began in the room called Spiren ( = the sprout). When the autumn break is over Christian will move into another room called Bøllestuen ( = the hoodlum/hooligan) room, minus any violence. In another year's time he will move into the next room up, Loppen ( = the flea) where he will saty until he starts pre-school when he is six. The head of the kindergarten, Helle Zahco, will not say anything about how Christian is doing, only to confirm how things work at the day nursery.
Berlingske Tidende reports that according to Danmarks Statistik the name Christian has become more popular since 2005. There will be 83 Danish boys turning three today, 162 kids altogether, but only one other boy shares a name with Prince Christian.
Denmark's Statistics (in Danish) 'Prins Christian og 162 andre fylder tre år' - Prince Christian and 162 others turn three

Crown Prince Couple's website - on arrival home from hospital after Prince Christian's birth
Crown Prince Couple's website - Prince Christian's 1st birthday photos

Billed Bladet's gallery (scroll down)
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Tuesday 14 October 2008

Mary @ Christmas Seal Foundation home for kids

Crown Princess Mary visited the Christmas Seal Foundation home at Skælskør, last Wednesday (8 October 2008). Mary is the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation which raises money to help children through the sale of the annual Christmas Seal. The foundation owns four Christmas Seal Homes where children from 6 to 14 years old can stay for a program of 10 weeks. Every year, the foundation helps 700 children to improve their lives. Current programmes are helping obese children to lose weight and learn healthy habits with ongoing support so the emphasis is on activity during the visit. Mary leads by example! (BB scroll down for gallery from last time)

Photos © Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet, Bjørn Armbjørn & Leif Nyholm/Skælskør Avis

Billed Bladet 'Kronprinsesse Mary i karrusellen' - Crown Princess Mary on the roundabout
08 October 2008 | Jan Bergman
Mary let herself to be inspired by the beautiful autumn weather and turned her inner child loose on a roundabout. The home which is helping overweight children lose weight in Skælskør had a royal visit on Wednesday...Crown Princess Mary gave the children at the Home helping overweight children lose weight an experience to remember when she happily jumped up on the playground's roundabout and with several of the children she whirred round fast and often...In honour of the occasion Crown Princess Mary's bodyguards were substituted by two children, Jamie and Iben, who accompanied Mary through the whole visit at the home. And for their effort Crown Princess Mary gave them a big hug as the visit concluded. As patron Crown Princess Mary joins in the activities, such as jumping on the trampoline at the Ølsted Home in 2006 and now again...

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Her&Νu clip
TV2øst clip (02:04)

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