Wednesday 3 September 2008

Happy birthday Nikolai!

A belated happy birthday to Prince Nikolai who turned nine on August 28. Nikolai began in Grade 4 at Kreb's School two weeks ago and two days later Prince Felix began at Kreb's Pre-School. Nikolai is reported to be very active on bicycle, skateboard, tennis and so forth.

Above: Steen Brogaard birthday pics, Nikolai's smiley first day at school and the Ecco Walkathon with Countess Alexandra, Martin Jørgensen Felix, friends and Winston.

Billed Bladet 'Nikolai gav den gas på første skoledag' - Nikolai puts his foot on the accelerator for first day at school
Billed Bladet 'Prins Nikolai fylder 9 år' - Prince Nikolai turns 9
Nikolai celebrated his birthday both at school and at home.

Billed Bladet 'Nikolai flået omkuld af cockerspaniel' - Prince Nikolai had a bit of a fall, saved by step-dad Martin, when he got mixed up in Winston's leash and the friends near him on the family's traditional Ecco Walkathon over the weekend.

B.T. photo gallery - from babyhood to now

Photos © Steen Brogaard and Billed Bladet

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