Wednesday 23 July 2008

Mary & Frederik @ Danish swimming championships

On July 6 Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited the Gladsaxe Swim Centre to attend the Danish national championships as the Danish national swimming team prepares for the Beijing Olympics. Frederik and Mary were introduced to the qualified Olympic swimmers who were swimming in the national championships in advance of the Games. Crown Princess Mary is the patron for the Danish Swimming Federation. They were greeted enthusiastically on arrival by the swimmers, swimming officials and the audience and spent time meeting and talking to the Olympic team of nine Danish swim team members.

From the Gladsaxe Svømmehal 'Kronprinsparret besøgte svømmehallen' - The Crown Prince and Crown Princess visited the swimming centre
The audience at the Danish championships in swimming in Gladsaxe Svømmehal had a royal surprise when the Crown Prince and Crown Princess turned up and were present for part of the meet.
The spectators who chose to stay on to the final section of swimming championships in Gladsaxe Svømmehal on Sunday July 6th, got full value for money.
On top of several Danish records [inswimming], the audience could also the sight of the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess who were enthusiastic among the audience.
Her Royal Highness Crown Prinsess Mary was there as patron for Dansk Svømmeunion and wished to meet the Olympic swimmers before they leave for China in a few weeks.
There were many who couldn't believe their eyes when Dansk Svømmeunion's patron Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik turned up for final session during national championships.
The Crown Prince and Crown Princess were present at the presentation of the nine Danish Olympic participants, the coach for the national team Mark Regan's final tribute and more than half of the final session.
The presence of the royal visitors created wild enthusiasm among swimmers, spectators and officials.
An incredibly successful national championships was rounded off in this best possible way.

From the Danish Swimming Federation 'OL-holdet i fornemt selskab under DM' - The Olympic team with distinguished company during the national championships (08-07-2008 by Nora Thomsen)
The smiles were broad when the Olympic swimmers got a royal visit during the Danish National Championships.
On Sunday afternoon Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple visited both the Olympic swimmers as well as other swimmers competing in Gladsaxe Svømmehal.
As patron of the Danish Swimming Federation Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary had inquired about the possibility to greet the Olympic swimmers before the team travels away to their training camp on July 24th... the national championships were a possibility.
And so with a few days warning the Olympic team found out about the visit...which would take place on Sunday afternoon.
As the day went on the excitement rose among the Olympic team who were happy the Crown Prince and Crown Princess would have time to meet them.
At 16.15pm a very cheerful and relaxed Crown Prince and Crown Princess arrived, both of whom had clearly had looked forward to meet all the Olympic swimmers and hear of the coming Olympic challenges.
On top of a very short speech of welcome by chairman Kaj Aagaard, the swimmers themselves reported which disciplines they would the Olympics. After this the conversation was free-wheeling and they were talking, were asked questions and explained and laughed for the 30 minutes the encounter took place.
There was no doubt that both swimmers and the Crown Prince Couple might have talked much longer about the exciting coming competitions in Beijing.

The photos above show a very special Sunday afternoon in Gladsaxe with the Crown Princess and several of the Olympic swimmers laughing together, Jakob Andkjær shows the new Arena costume, Chris and Mads chatting with the Crown Prince, the European Union's Australian coach for the national team explains things to a deeply concentrated and interested Crown Princess, an exceptional small encounter perpetuated in a splendid photo.

Photos © P. Stidsen/Dansk Svømmeunion and Billed Bladet

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Blogger John Holmes said...

Lots of outfits belted loosely at the waist these days for Miss Mary. Anyone else think Christian and Isabella will be getting a sibling soon? I predict Baby #3 is due in January 2009.

9:35 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Yep, already posted your comment in a previous post John, and I agree :)

2:46 pm  
Blogger John Holmes said...

Gosh, sorry Lotte, my first posting and I did not know how it worked. My comment didn't show at first.

Well, congratulations to them, they are clearly such a loving family. We are sending them all the good wishes in the world.

Thank you for all you do to bring the adventures of the Danish royals to us around the world.
Keep up the good work!

5:23 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi John,

No problem and thanks. Things are tardy here at the blog since that thing called real life keeps getting in the way!

lotte :)

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