Monday 12 May 2008

Billed Bladet celebrates 70 years

Billed Bladet celebrated its 70th anniversary last month. Its first issue featured a portrait of the then Crown Princess Ingrid, later Queen Ingrid. The anniversary issue in April featured a 'historical replica' portrait of Crown Princess Mary in a similar pose. The name Billed Bladet translates best into English as 'The Illustrated Magazine' and specialises in featuring the Danish royals, prominent Danes and other current cultural and populist stories. It also includes a TV guide. The supplement for the 70th anniversary issue featured a historical restrospective of royal and other moments, such as the landing on the moon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is this site not being updated anymore. I loved checking regularly and seeing the news in text and pictures. Hope all is ok. Thanks for what you have given us. :-)

10:15 am  

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