Saturday 19 April 2008

Princes playing

Here is a lovely little story from Billed Bladet (no. 13, 1 April, 2008) 'Slog smut med far' – Skipp[ing] stones with Dad.

The Crown Prince Couple’s Easter holiday ended with Christian yet again seeing how you skip stones. This time, as it was at the North Sea last summer, that Frederik found the flat stones and while he made it jump elegantly across the water beside the small ferry terminal, Christian looked on in admiration. The family dog was in on it too, for the border collie Ziggy was also at the waters edge.

After a few days at grandmother's and grandfather's (farmor & farfar) at Marselisborg, Frederik and Mary and the children left Århus on Easter Monday. The first part of the trip home to Fredensborg went via the Mols ferry to Odden and from there to Rørvig where a place on the very point of the small ferry had been reserved on the trip to Hundested. It was Frederik himself who sat behind the wheel in the family four-wheel drive, an Audi Q7, but before the royal family could embark there was time to both air Ziggy and teach Christian to skip stones. Mary in the meantime waited in the car with Isabella on the quay.

Frederik was dressed in a camouflage jacket and it did take some time before the small group of people waiting for the ferry realised that it was THE Crown Prince himself who was “out playing” with his little son. In order to keep warm in the biting Easter chill Prince Christian was dressed warm, but the hood with fur-collar was never put up on his head. That would have taken away some of the view of the stone that skipped neatly along on the calm water.

Frederik and Christian had exactly twelve minutes to play. At 17.25 the ferry sailed to Hundested and from there it was only half an hour more to drive home to Kancellihuset in Fredensborg with two tired children in the backseat. (by Anna Johannesen)

Earlier this year, in March, Prince Joachim played around at Schackenborg with Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix as well as Winston. They all looked like they might have needed a good bath afterwards (including, or especially, Winston). But that is the point of playing. (from Billed Bladet no. 11, 2008 © Niels Henrik Dam)

Thanks Muhler!

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