Wednesday 12 March 2008

Frederik's lost wedding ring

Various media sources in Denmark are reporting that Frederik lost his wedding ring during a coral reef dive in Key West, Florida, while there for a Farr 40 regatta last January. It was invaluable not only because it was his wedding ring, but also because it was made from the first nugget of gold mined in Greenland. Frederik is said to have offered a 'reward' of a trip to Copenhagen and Fredensborg for the diver who finds it. The tour guide has suggested it has been eaten by a barracuda as it seems they like shiny things. He expects the ring is only likely to appear on a dinner plate!

Politiken 'Kronprinsens vielsesring på havets bund' - The crown prince's wedding ring at the bottom of the sea
During a sea dive trip in the US Crown Prince Frederik has lost his wedding ring. The gold originates from the very first gold extracted by the Nalnuaq-mine in south Greenland. Crown Prince Frederik's wedding ring lies at the bottom of the sea off the North American coast, Se og Hør reports. The ring is somewhat priceless since it's made from the first gold ever extracted from the Nalnuaq mine in Nanortalik in Sydgrønland. It was personally delivered by the Greenlandic government member Jørgen Wæver Johansen to jeweller Flemming Hertz in Copenhagen and is the same as the ring created for Mary which Frederik put on Mary's finger in the Church of Our Lady on May 14th 2004.
The ring was lost in Florida during Frederik's trip for a regatta in January when he went diving at coral reefs in Key West. Down below at the bottom of the sea he realised that the ring had fallen off his finger.
According to the magazine's source, Frederik has offered a trip to Copenhagen with visits to Fredensborg to the diver who finds the ring. (Ritzau)

B.T. 'Frederik har tabt sin vielsesring'
Se og Hør (page content alert)
TV2 article 'Kronprinsen har tabt vielsesringen' (includes 01:52 news clip)
TV 2 wedding gallery

Captain's Corner Dive Center - the dive company Frederik used.

DR1 update (00:31)

It would seem that from this recent photo taken in Verbier after the loss of the ring in January, that Frederik is now wearing a replacement ring:

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