Friday 4 January 2008

New Year Courts @ Amalienborg & Christiansborg

The New Year Courts have continued today with the Queen, the Prince Consort, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at Amalienborg Palace to receive the Supreme Court and the Guards regiments, then later in the morning the Queen, the Prince Consort and the Crown Prince Couple received the Diplomatic Corps at Christiansborg Palace.

Jyllands Posten "Hundreder af håndtryk i Riddersalen" - Hundreds of handshakes in the Knights Hall:
To the sound of trumpet fanfares worthy of a majesty, the Queen went along with Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary into the waiting Diplomatic Corps in the Knights Hall at Christiansborg on Thursday morning.
Here ambassadors and charges d’affaires and their partners exchanged New Year greetings with the royals. The dean of the Corps, the one who has been in Denmark the longest, is Ambassador Ricardo Noguera from Nacaragua, and he delivered the New Year speech on behalf of all the foreign representatives to the Queen, who replied in French, the classical language of diplomacy, and then in English.
The ambassadors and their partners stand in a long horseshoe shaped row according to how long they have been in Denmark for this occasion. Those who have been in Denmark the longest will be the first to shake hands with the four royals and as then the very last is the manager of the Foreign Ministry, Ulrik Federspiel, and civil servants from the protocol department of the Foreign Ministry, the department which takes care of the contacts with the Diplomatic Corps and official visits from abroad.
The tradition of having a New Year Court was introduced by the Queen.

Berlingske Tidende - same Ritzau report as above news clip (00:28)
TV2 news clip (00:27)
TV2 news clip (01:01)

TV2 photo gallery
Jyllands Posten photo gallery
Søren Steffen's photo gallery (includes a lovely photo of Mary's private secretary and lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, Queen Margrethe looks like a Russian Queen (that's a compliment!) and Mary's dress, specifically the skirt, is beautiful. The style is amazing.

6:00 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Agree, koko, on both counts. These events are of course formal, but they occur in the morning, so the outfits are formal day wear of a very specific kind.


3:15 pm  

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