Saturday 22 December 2007

Alexandra: make a difference

File photo Billed Bladet

From Billed Bladet no. 50, 17 December 2007 'Mine drenge lærer at hjælpe' – My boys are being taught to get involved:
“The most important thing during Christmas time is charity. We must of course enjoy that we live here in Denmark and that we can see the happiness of the children here at home, but you must also remember to think about all those in the world who are not as fortunate as we are and who are in a poor situation,” said Countess Alexandra, who is very active as patron for UNICEF. The often heart breaking experiences she has had on her travels for UNICEF have made a deep impression on her.
“Actually so little is needed to make a big difference.”
“My boys are still so young and you shouldn’t worry children with too many problems too early. But they benefit from learning that not all children are so fortunate as they. Charity starts in your own home and I do put a lot of emphasis on telling them about the work I do, for example, for UNICEF. They have both been around the world to places where they have seen with their own eyes and have experienced that not all people are as fortunate as we are in Denmark. And then I do put a lot of emphasis on teaching both Nikolai and Felix moderation and manners.”
“I have seen the consequences of AIDS with my own eyes during my travels with UNICEF. It has been harsh to experience how AIDS can shatter the life of children and their families. There are so many orphaned children, there are so many dying people and there is still a lack of knowledge and medicine.”
“It can seem futile and insurmountable. You can hardly breathe when you see those fates. Half the children who die worldwide die from HIV. But there is hope, because I know helping makes a difference.”
“It’s just a question about being willing to do something about the problem – and money to do it with. And we simply cannot allow ourselves to close our eyes.”
(written by Trine Larsen and kindly translated by Muhler!)
It is never too late to donate or make a contribution:
UNICEF International
UNICEF Denmark
UNICEF Australia

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