Thursday 18 October 2007

Mary's new lady-in-waiting: Tanja K. Doky

Tanja Kjaersgaard Doky and Chris Minh Doky arriving at Princess Isabella's christening on July 1. Photo: Billed Bladet

It has been announced on the Crown Prince Couple's website that a new lady-in-waiting (hofdame) has been appointed for Crown Princess Mary. She is Tanja Elise Kjaersgaard Doky and she will take up her position from 27 October 2007.

Caroline Heering will continue as a lady-in-waiting, but from 1 November 2007, she will function as private secretary to Mary. We can only assume that since the two year contract of Caroline Heering finished recently, new arrangements have been negotiated to take account of an increasing workload to do with Mary's activities and for Caroline it includes membership of the Board of Trustees of the Mary Foundation and Mary's increasing number of patronages. Caroline Heering and her husband Peter Heering have two young daughters.

In her career Tanja K. Doky has worked for Burson Marsteller, one of the largest PR companies in the world, and for Mach as a communications manager. Tanja appears to have specialised in high tech telecom PR for these companies and worked on campaigns for Cisco with BEC, Total Telecom and with Sonus Public Relations to promote Mach. This is what we can find, the Danish media will no doubt fill us in with more info.

Tanja's husband is Chris Minh Doky, the very well known jazz musician. The couple are obviously friends of Frederik and Mary, since they attended Isabella's christening and other royal events including Alexandra's and Martin Jørgensen's wedding, according to B.T.. You can hear a little of Chris Minh Doky here on myspace including a composition called "September for Tanja".

About Chris Minh Doky on Danish (jazz)

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Blogger His Loving Mercy said...

Hello, I have heard this term before: "Lady in Waiting" but what does a Lady in Waiting do?

3:48 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

It is a position of honour and a position of the court to attend, assist and to accompany a royal lady in royal activities. Role is different now than historically. Read about Queen Elizabeth I (copy and paste):

There is some liason with the patronage organisations, and with any people the royal lady meets. We don't actually know all the things the position involves because a lot of it is private.

3:16 pm  
Blogger His Loving Mercy said...

Thank you very much for the information. I found the article educational and informative! It is always fascinating to learn not only historic information but how that information has changed over time!

4:30 pm  

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